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7 Reasons Why Our Kids Chocolate Chip Snack Bar is Perfect

Posted by MacKenzie Hartung on

Kid snacks tend to be one of two things: too sugary or devoid of quality nutrition. When we set out to create a whole foods kids bar we knew that we wanted to create a taste little ones would love because all parents know if it doesn’t taste good, they aren’t eating it! And, almost more than anything, we wanted to design a snack that had whole food protein and a nutrition label parents could trust and feel good about feeding their kiddos. And so, Perfect Kids was born — a cookie-dough-like taste with 8 perfectly-hidden superfoods and 7g of...

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Back To School Routine For The Whole Family: How To Make It A Smooth Transition

Posted by Kelly Papp on

Most parents would agree that although summer is fun and more care-free around the house, we are more than ready for our little ones to head back to school and get the family back on a semblance of routine. It’s the desire that is the tough part, but the execution – HOW do we do reinforce some back to school routine in a smooth and peaceful manner for both our kids and us parents? Tips For A Back To School Routine For The Whole Family Toward the end of summer break, usually around the two-week countdown begins, I like to...

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Little Hands, Big Help: Why You Should Invite Your Kids Into The Kitchen

Posted by PB Admin on

Raising kids to be nutritious eaters isn’t walk in the park. It takes lots of time and effort to teach them healthy habits – nevermind making them genuinely interested. As a mom of two little girls, Suzi of Gurl Gone Green started thinking about ways to get her little ones involved when her oldest was just starting to eat solid foods. So she started this journey early! Suzi shares with us her secrets on getting her kids in the kitchen to pique their interest in food, cooking and helping. One Way To Get Kids In The Kitchen – Start Them...

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