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24 Hour Flash Sale - 40% OFF!**
24 Hour Flash Sale - 40% OFF!**

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What Makes Us Perfect
Our story

Born From A Family Recipe

13 kids, a family bus, and a whole lot of love: The story of Perfect Snacks is a wild one. It started with our dad, Bud, a self-proclaimed health nut, and his passion for nutrition. He led the family on cross-country adventures for an anything-is-possible type of childhood. So when we started the business after Dad got sick, we banded together knowing two truths: whole foods and family is the answer. Now, 15 years later, we’ve learned that our greatest adventure of refrigerated protein snacks is just getting started.

  • "The best part is, these bars are refrigerated so they're fresh and cold each time you eat one. When it comes to taste, Perfect Bar is made with freshly ground nut butters and organic honey, making it the perfect combination of nutty and sweet."

  • "On top of being absolutely delicious, the nutrition of these peanut butter cups actually stacks up!"

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