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Small in size, big in taste: Delicious snacks for back to school

Posted by Maria Shiiba on

It feels like we just went on summer break and now it’s already time to shop for back-to-school supplies. Among the excitement of going back to school, kids will need the fuel necessary to excel in class from their first day to their last.

Here’s what snacking brings to the table for your little learners and what to opt for as you’re packing.

Why is snacking important for kids?

We all know how we get when we skip a meal. Maybe you rushed out the door and all you had in your hand were your keys and black coffee. By about 11:00 AM your stomach is growling, your hands are shaking, and not a single decision can be made.

Now imagine your young ones in school having to soak up every ounce of learning material, meeting and playing with new friends and participating in class under those same conditions!

Snacking can help bridge the gap between breakfast and lunchtime for your kiddos. Instead of feeling the stretch between established meals, they can keep their mind on their studies. Children’s Hospital Colorado notes that children should eat something every three to four hours. If this snack is included, a child is more likely to choose healthier foods come mealtime if they’re not hungry leading into it.

Preventing kids from snacking can result in anxiety, depression and sometimes aggression according to Discover Magazine.

Tips for putting together the perfect snack

Including a healthy snack should only take a few extra minutes. Fiber can help ensure their digestive systems are regulated and, when paired with snacks that are filled with protein, they’ll feel fuller for longer. Protein also helps build energy and muscle growth so your kids will grow big and strong!

Whole foods, like peanut butter, offer all of these benefits and more. A 2021 randomized controlled study revealed that peanut products helped improve memory and stress responses because of the bioavailable compounds found in the product.

Although the snack aisle at the grocery store is filled with crackers and chips, these salty foods can have negative effects on your child’s ability to learn and be active in school, says the American Heart Association.

Snack ideas

With the foundations at hand, here are a few fun snack ideas to keep your kids fueled and their brains prepped for learning.

Snacks that are quick and easy:

Snacks that require minimal prep:

  • Tomato and avocado toast.
  • Cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese or hummus.
  • Greek yogurt with granola and fruit.

All of these snacks are easy to put together, include typical household items, and can ensure your little tikes are getting the most out of their school day. For the simplest snack your kids are sure to love, check out our full menu of Perfect Bar Snack Sizes.