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Snack smarter, study harder: fueling your productivity for back to school

Posted by Maria Shiiba on

Heading back to college is an exciting time for every student. You have new courses, you’re getting closer to graduating, your dorm room is waiting for you to decorate it, and you get to see the friends you’ve made again. But, between classes, socials, and studying, you’ve got to eat too. The dining hall may be great, but a snack in between each meal is the cherry on top.

Here’s why you should add a few snacks to your back-to-school shopping list.

Why you should fit snacking into your day

A day in college is nothing like a day in high school. For one, you live at school now, and second, you may only have up to three lessons a day. These courses, however, are much longer and demand a lot more from you than in high school. Whether you’re crunching numbers in the sciences or studying Mozart in the fine arts, you need to be at the top of your game for every class.

Snagging an apple or a roll of bread on your way out of the dining hall may be easy, but these won’t last for long before you’re hungry again. Instead, you want to reach for things that will help you feel full, give you the nutrients you need to focus in class, and carry you through to the next meal.

To break this down even further, if you have three meals a day (and you should), you can fit in one or two snacks in between each meal to keep you going.

Snacking can help you stay focused on your studies instead of when your next meal is, or the candy in the vending machine across the hall. Why? Because your blood glucose levels will remain consistent, allowing your body to put its energy into the task in front of you, according to Nutrition Hospital.

Packing for snacking

Harvard School of Public Health notes that snacking can either support or hurt your health depending on what you snack on, why you snack, and how often you snack. They mention that if you’re following the three meals, two snack rule with a few hours in between each, you may be on the right track. Reaching for nutrient-dense snacks like nuts and yogurt that provide protein, fiber, and healthy fats can keep you full and satisfied.

So, maybe an apple is your favorite ritual of leaving the dining hall because it does give you that satisfying crunch and taste. Pairing it with peanut butter could be the bow that ties it all together. Peanut butter is loaded with health-promoting nutrients and can keep you fuller for longer. Not only that, but it’s heart-healthy, supports positive weight management, and is versatile enough to match with anything, according to the Denver Health Medical Plan.
That’s why we use peanut butter as the base of our snack bars. We developed a better-for-you snack that’s great on the go and offers the nutrients you need to get the most out of your college experience. Explore our full catalog of delicious snacks today to save you from going hungry tomorrow.