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Start Your Day off Right With a Protein Breakfast Bar

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There’s nothing quite like a picture-perfect breakfast. You know, where you whip together a homemade pancake recipe or a veggie breakfast scramble in no time — and enjoy it in peace as the morning sun peeks through the windows.

But breakfast doesn’t always (or usually) look like that for most of us! Throughout the week, you’ll often need something quick, simple, and nutritious. A wholesome, grab-and-go protein breakfast bar can fuel your morning and keep you full and focused as your day unfolds. Here are some tips and considerations for preparing a balanced breakfast and ideas for starting your day off right with Perfect Bar.

Waking up to a Balanced Breakfast

We all know the adage about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Here’s why it’s true: When you fill up that tank in your tummy before hitting the road, you’re letting your body know that there are plenty of calories coming its way, experts at Rush University Medical Center explain. As a result, your body starts metabolizing those calories at a healthy rate.

However, if you start the day off on an empty stomach, your system will adapt accordingly, conserving whatever energy it has available. The meals and snacks you consume later in the day won’t be metabolized as efficiently. Putting your system on this cycle can lead to chronic health issues as well as poor eating habits.

Eating well right after you rise and shine can help you feel more satiated for longer. This will make you less likely to snack on lower-quality convenience foods found in the vending machine on campus or pinched from your coworker’s candy jar. It can also provide the focus and alertness you need to execute that ambitious to-do list, as well as the sustained energy required to carry out whatever daily activities lie ahead.

Understanding Protein’s Role in Your Breakfast Bowl (or Bar!)

Although coffee takes a lot of the credit for keeping things moving in the morning, the real MVP is a balanced breakfast. So, you know the importance of eating breakfast generally. But what exactly should you consume?

The Mayo Clinic explains that a healthy breakfast includes lean protein, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and fruits and veggies. These food groups will provide all the nutrients you need to power through your day. We’re talking about the three macronutrients — protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates — as well as micronutrients like dietary fiber and vitamins.

When it comes to keeping your body running, protein takes on quite a few important responsibilities. It provides a variety of amino acids — the so-called building blocks of the body — which end up supporting muscle repair, hair growth, enzyme and antibody production, bone strength, cognitive processing, and more.

Reaching for a protein breakfast bar is a great way to ensure that your body’s protein needs are being met so that all of these important processes can be taken care of.

Picking a Quick and Convenient Breakfast Option

While you might be a whiz at making overnight oats or breakfast smoothie bowls, there are some days when you just need a grab-and-go breakfast option. And, if you’re not exactly the perkiest morning person, you’re counting on the fact that your super-convenient protein breakfast bar is in fact a nutritious and delicious choice.

Instead of reaching for protein powder and a blender, a fridge-fresh protein breakfast bar can offer all the nutrition and flavor you desire without all the effort and mess. Importantly, you’ll get that great taste and protein from whole food ingredients that offer a more diverse nutritional profile than most protein powders.

With a ready-to-go protein breakfast bar like Perfect Bar, you can lean into the convenience without compromising taste, texture, or nutritional value.

Choosing the Best Breakfast Bars

When considering store-bought breakfast bar options, you’ll have to wade through a sea of sugary, heavily processed cereal bars, granola bars, oatmeal bars, and more before you find a truly wholesome option.

These types of products create a sugar rush where your blood glucose levels spike and crash, leaving you feeling yucky after the effects wear off. A low glycemic index breakfast bar will help regulate these levels for a more steady stream of energy.

When you’re looking for a better-for-you breakfast bar, nutrition experts at Rush and the Mayo Clinic advise choosing a product that contains:

  • A simple, clean ingredients list
  • Nutritious whole food ingredients like nuts and fruit
  • At least 3 grams of dietary fiber per serving
  • At least 6 to 10 grams of protein
  • Less than 20 grams of sugar per serving
  • Natural sugar rather than synthetic added sugar

You’ll find that Perfect Bar ticks all the boxes. Here’s a quick look at how our original Peanut Butter flavor stacks up to these criteria. On the ingredients list, you’ll find:

  • A list of two dozen familiar ingredients, all of which are organic
  • Freshly ground peanut butter and a blend of 20-plus superfood ingredients including flax seeds and kale
  • 3 grams of dietary fiber, or 11% of the recommended daily value
  • A hearty 17 grams of whole food protein
  • Just 19 grams of sugar in each bar
  • Our favorite natural sweetener, organic honey

And that’s not to mention the cookie-dough inspired texture and mouthwatering flavors!

Finding the Perfect Protein Breakfast Bar for Your Morning

So, you’re starting to like the idea of making Perfect Bar your go-to protein bar for breakfast, but you’re not sure which one is for you. Here’s the bite-sized guide to navigating our lineup of crowd-pleasing flavors:

Highest Possible Protein

If you’re looking to get the highest amount of protein in every bite, we recommend the flavor that started it all, our Peanut Butter Perfect Bar. Each bar contains 17 grams of protein. If you prefer peanut butter with a little pizazz, pick up Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter or Coconut Peanut Butter, each with 15 grams of protein per bar.

Chocolate Fix

Speaking of chocolate… sometimes you can’t fight those chocolate cravings in the morning. In that case, reach for Dark Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Mint, or Chocolate Walnut Brownie. We prepare these luxuriously rich Perfect Bar flavors with organic Fair Trade dark chocolate chips.

Refreshing Fruit Flavors

Looking for a burst of fridge-fresh fruit flavor or a better-for-you version of some classic breakfast bakery favorites? Take a look at some of our options featuring a harmonious balance of nut butter and dried fruit, like Blueberry Cashew with a dash of vanilla or our summer variety pack including Lemon Poppyseed and Cherrie Pie.

Kid-Approved Portions

Finally, when you’re looking for a protein breakfast bar that comes in pint-sized portions for your little ones, check out Perfect Kids. Our two cookie-inspired flavors — Peanut Butter Cookie and Chocolate Chip — feature gluten-free rolled oats for extra fiber and 8 superfood ingredients handpicked for your little ones.

As you can see, there really is something for everyone in the Perfect Snacks lineup. Find us in a store near you or order yourself a week’s worth of protein breakfast bars online today.