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How CrossFit Changed My Life For The Better

Posted by Adam Tar on

It’s high-competition time for all of our CrossFitting friends. The circuit training phenomenon has a global following and committed advocates. It’s as addicting as it is confusing for those who don’t know the vernacular– box means gym and WOD means workout of the day! But here at Perfect Bar, we want to give CrossFit all the love it deserves, so we met up with Adam Tar, Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit North Port, Fl. to share why he fell in love with CrossFit.


CrossFit has brought so many beautiful things to my life. It has created lifelong friendships, introduced me to my wife and fulfilled my dream of working the perfect job. After all, it is said, “if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.” And for me, that what CrossFit is — a space and community where work and working out are synonymous.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a workout program involving constantly varied functional movements at a high level of intensity. These movements are then taken and mixed into thousands of combinations, which results in never having the same workout twice. We teach you how to move properly and strengthen movements that are similar to the way you move on a daily basis like picking up stuff off the ground, putting items overhead or sitting down.

As a CrossFit gym owner, I feel like it’s my duty to clear the air on what exactly a CrossFit gym looks like. If you have watched ESPN in the last four years I am sure you have seen athletes doing CrossFit on TV. Yes, this is CrossFit, however, these types of athletes are rarely seen in CrossFit gyms.

Most CrossFit gyms are filled with average people like me and you. It’s a big community filled with like-minded individuals all with the same goal of improving their health to live longer, more fulfilling lives.

My Road To CrossFit

Almost 10 years ago when I Started CrossFit, it wasn’t known like it is today. In fact, most of us doing it tried to avoid talking about it because it wasn’t the easiest thing to explain to people. I know this is funny to people today because most people who CrossFit can’t stop talking about it. But I want you to imagine this: there was no Reebook CrossFit games or shoes, there weren’t any Paleo meal services, weekend lifting seminars, fancy clothes or RX jump ropes. The gyms were mostly filled with rusty, second-hand equipment.

When I walked into the gym on my first day and saw this space full of sub-par gear, I thought the workout would too be below my expectation. Honestly, I thought I was going to crush the workout. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We started the class walking around doing introductions, followed by a group warm-up. A warm-up that felt like a mini-workout in and of itself. Like many people from the Globo Gym world, I didn’t really know how to adequately warm-up or warm up at all for that matter. During our warm-up, I felt like a goofy high school kid unaware of his body. Everything seemed so strange and unfamiliar to me.

After completing the warm-up we went into some skill work. That day we practiced what is called ‘double-unders,’ which is when a jump rope goes under your feet twice in one jump. There I was again feeling like a goofy high school kid struggling to do just a few regular jumps. However, one thing that stuck out to me at this point was how encouraging the coaches were to me during this process. The friendly, supportive coaching is something that truly sets CrossFit gyms apart from all of the other gyms out there.

After the skill work, we want into our workout of the day. So many years later, the components of the workout are pretty foggy for me. But one thing I know for certain, it was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. The combination of the movements in an aerobic workout was unlike anything I have ever done before. As I was finishing my workout, I looked around and noticed I was the last one. But I wasn’t alone. The entire gym was cheering me on to finish. Complete strangers that I never met before cheered for me like they knew me my whole life! That’s what got me hooked.

Finishing last when I thought I was incredible shape, made we want to change my life.

So I did! Fast forward several years later, I was now in a new gym, new city, coaching, and actively competing in CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. I met a beautiful woman named Sarah who is now my wife and mother to my (almost) three daughters. I had just finished getting my Masters in Business and Administration and I knew I wanted to be in a field I loved. I decided the best step moving forward for me would be to open up my own CrossFit gym. I tossed the idea around to Sarah, my parents and a few of my friends and decide to go for it.

Photos By: Jay Knickerbocker Photography

We are now in our fifth year of business. We have helped hundreds of people with learning how to move properly and improve their lives through CrossFit and proper nutrition. We have forged incredible relationships, lifelong friendships and a sustainable, personal health as a family. I owe my entire life to CrossFit. It has given my amazing wife and partner, soon to be three beautiful kids, and has fulfilled my dream job.

But, this is just my story. Imagine what yours could be.