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No Gym, No Problem: We're Loving These 5 Workout Apps Instead

Posted by Cassia Hameline on

Is the winter weather keeping you indoors? Is your hour-long commute sitting in rush-hour traffic making it tough to get to the gym? Or are you just in the mood for something new and different this year? Whatever your reason, we have 5 workout apps that make working out fun, convenient and something for more than just your body!

No matter who you are or how dedicated you are to your workout, we all could use a little extra motivation to get ourselves working harder, pushing farther, and feeling stronger—and what better way to get motivated than to reach out to the experts for some help? So whether you’re looking for a running buddy to power you through some extra miles or just looking for joyful, guru-guidance for more mental clarity, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite apps you can download straight to your phone, tablet, or computer to have your ideal fitness routine at your fingertips. That means less time—and less money —spent at the sweaty, crowded gym, and more time focusing on the things that make you feel good.

Our 5 Favorite Workout Apps To Try Right Now

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First up is an app that works with any (and we mean any) exercise you like best. Strava, a simple-to-use fitness activity tracker, turns your smartphone or GPS watch into your own personal activity tracker to record, analyze, and compare every workout you put in. With Strava, you can start by tracking and analyzing your workouts to learn just how far, fast, high, or intense your workout really was. Then, map your routes and check out others’ with Strava’s extensive digital trail network. You can also push yourself with monthly challenges or compete with other members through the Strava community. Whether you join some of the clubs, brands, or teams already established, or create a group of your own to keep yourself committed, Strava lets you put the work in on your own time and at your own pace, while giving you connections to others if you’re looking for a little more external motivation.

The best part? It’s free! That’s right, Strava gives you access to amazing fitness tracking for practically any sport you could think of—running, biking, swimming, hiking, CrossFit, kayaking, rock climbing, surfing, yoga, wheelchair and handcycling—without any financial burden. If you’re looking for even more support, a monthly $7.99 Premium package gives members access to training, safety, and analysis specials, but with so many amazing perks already offered in the free version, there’s no doubt you’ll have more than enough to keep you busy.

Learn more –

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Tone It Up

Working out on your own can definitely be a great way to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand, but for those who crave connection to stay committed, look no further than Tone It Up. Created by two genuine, fitness-focused ladies, Tone It Up is an all-female community where “women connect in a positive way to reach their goals” and find their healthiest selves. Downloading the app gives you access to weekly workouts, daily motivational messages, and inspiration. You even get reminder texts to keep you on track (if you want)!

The free daily workout routines are designed to pinpoint any area of your body. 21-day, 6-week, and 8-week nutritional programs are also offered in a variety of options such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free to educate you on how to properly fuel your body, which is key to achieving overall health. On-demand, live workouts are also listed in the workout library, which offers thousands of premium classes you can take with other women in the community. You can even chat with them before and after class as if you were at a studio itself! The best part is they offer a free 7-day trial so you can test it out to see if it’s a good fit for your lifestyle.

So, what are you waiting for? Tone It Up with this community of powerful women! Learn more at

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Charity Miles

Now that you’ve got a couple of platforms to jumpstart your new workout routine, how about an organization that helps keep you on track with something even more wholesome? Charity Miles, a free app supported by hundreds of corporate sponsors, will take your activity and turn it into something bigger than yourself. All you have to do is log any of your walks, runs, bikes, or other fitness activities and Charity Miles will convert your miles into a charitable donation to any program of your choice.

Big businesses such as Johnson & Johnson, Chobani, and Humani have agreed to donate a few cents for every mile members log to charitable organizations such as the ASPCA, the Wounded Warrior Project, or Autism Speaks, among many others. This app is great if you struggle to find the motivation to get yourself to workout. Knowing that your activity is supporting others makes something as simple as walking your pet a no-brainer!

So, get out there and get donating! Learn more at

the be.come project photo
Photo credit: The Be.Come Project Website

The Be.Come Project

With all this talk of running, biking and weight lifting, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the fitness junkies we see scrolling through every channel or social media page these days. That’s why we love this next app — the Be.come Project by Bethany C. Meyers! It is a body positivity program focusing on feeling good and celebrating one’s body rather than weight loss. The Be.come Project’s mantra is one we should all live by: “Working out because we love our bodies. Not because we hate them.” In this low-impact, love-yourself approach to fitness, members get simple, 25-minute routines each week designed around pilates, yoga, and dance to gain strength and confidence in their own bodies. Before and after each session, you’re prompted with “how do you feel?” so that you can really check in with your mind and emotions. It’s the ultimate connection between mind and body, which will leave you feeling powerful in more than one way.

For just $35 a month, the Be.come Project offers a resource center with tutorials, tips, tricks, and a community of women who want to work out to take care of themselves, body, mind and soul. And with a 10-day free trial period what do you have to lose?

Start your Be.Come Project journey today. Learn more at

happy not perfect team
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Happy Not Perfect

Our final favorite at-home fitness app is one that keeps up with the mental motivation which is so crucial in achieving our health goals. Happy Not Perfect is a meditation and mindfulness app filled with over 300 meditations to strengthen your mental well-being. Similarly to the Be.come Project, Happy Not Perfect balances mind and body to achieve the ultimate, whole-being goals we should all be striving for. Using a collection of “no-nonsense, research-backed tools and products to care for your mind,” the app combines developers, creatives, and fitness guides with years of research in positive psychology, neuroscience, and meditation to “help you feel good from the inside out.” Start off your experience with the Daily Refresh, a 7-step routine to help you increase positive hormones and relax your nervous system.

The app teaches you how to check in with your emotions, evaluate your mood, and practice positivity to decrease stress, sleep better, and boost your overall mood. Guided, approachable meditation exercises will help work out your mind. Better yet, Happy Not Perfect has also begun to use the Apple Health Kit, which lets you keep track of your “Mindful Minutes.” With guides for any situation, this app is customizable for every member. For just $11.99 a month or $79.99 for a whole year, Happy Not Perfect is a perfect (wink, wink) way to bring awareness back into your life.

Ready to breathe a little deeper every day? Start at


Final Thoughts

When it comes to working out, it’s easy to think that getting to the gym, logging mile after mile on the road, or bulking up our bodies is the only way to achieve better health. With so many fitness-junkies invading our social media and social lives, it’s inevitable that we come to associate health with appearance. But what we need to remember is that there’s so much more to well being than how we look on the outside; our minds are just as important to exercise. So rather than paying hundreds of dollars, waking up at 5 a.m., and dragging ourselves to a hot, sweaty gym every morning, maybe it’s time to reevaluate our image of health. Let’s stop making ourselves feel guilty for missing that spin class on a Tuesday morning before work, for not making that HIIT workout last week, for not wanting to go out and run five miles when we’d rather take our dog for a short walk.

Let us redefine exercise to include more than our appearances—let us remember that we are bigger than our bodies and we deserve to feel good. We’re here to remind you to exercise in the ways that make you happy because that is the true achievement of health.

And there’s nothing better than clean, whole food protein post-workout, right? That’s what we’re here for!

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