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Protein Bars For You

Snack Bars For Your Kiddos

Why They're Perfect

Freshly ground peanut butter is mixed with organic honey and gluten-free oats, then 8 kid-friendly superfoods like kale, carrots and sweet potato are combined to make each bar a delicious super-powered snack the whole family will enjoy.

The Fun (Nutrition) Facts

Now you can be the hero of snack time with our Perfect Kids refrigerated snack bars. These easy-to-eat bars are lunchbox-ready or make the perfect after school snack. They fill your littles up and keep them happy from the inside out.

What Fans Of All Ages Are Saying
  • "Love that they are a healthy snack. Great for growing teens! Thank you!"

    Coy S.
  • "My 3 year old eats these bars like they’re candy!! Check out the ingredients and you’ll be so grateful your little one consumes them, just like I am. They’re delicious and nutritious."

    Elizabeth S.
  • "I love Perfect Bars. I eat one every morning on my way to work. It tastes delicious and gives me energy for hours!"

    Jennie S.