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Fresh From The Fridge

Perfect Bars have nothing artificial in them, so they stay fresh in the fridge. Some protein bars have not-so-natural ingredients, so they come with preservatives. Our preservative is cold temperature -- au naturel. When they’re not chilling, Perfect Bars can hang around at room temperature for up to one week.

Whole Food Protein

Protein keeps us moving, our brains functioning and our muscles happy. Whole food sources, like those found in our products, are derived from whole, minimally processed ingredients, like nut butter or egg. Not only is whole food protein more delicious (we may be biased here), but your body has an easier time breaking it down and using it as the vital nutrient it is!

20+ Organic Superfoods

You heard it right, 20+ organic superfoods! Perfect Snacks offer a convenient dose of vitamin and mineral-dense nutrition thanks to the organic superfood blend found in every one of our tasty products. We're also proud to be Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, and kosher.

Here’s what our fans are saying
  • This is my mid morning snack....or breakfast. It is so good and fills me up!!!

    Arah C.
  • Two thumbs up! The perfect quick breakfast or snack to keep me going throughout the day

    Candace I
  • I love these bars! They taste just like cookie dough.

    Katie L