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24 Hour Flash Sale - 40% OFF!**
24 Hour Flash Sale - 40% OFF!**


Out here in San Diego, we don't believe in million dollar endorsements (especially since we can't afford it!). We have partnered with athletes who we believe in, athletes who have contacted us because they eat our bars regularly, athletes who are everyday people doing amazing things!

Matty 'Boom Boom' Reed

Matty's a Boulder, CO resident, Olympic Triathlete and all-around nice guy. We were honored to hear that he's a fan of the bars. 


Niklas Lemke

“What’s so great about the Perfect Foods Bar is not only that it tastes really good and fills me up but also knowing that I am putting raw organic products and great nutrition in my body. I love having a bar in my bag when I am out playing golf or practicing and eat a little piece at a time. It keeps my blood sugar levels from falling too low and I can concentrate on what I am doing for a longer period of time. Though its great for playing golf, it is also a great substitution for breakfast when you are in a hurry or just wake up a little too late. My favorite bar is the Fruit & Nut.”