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5 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Posted by Dustin Canada on

Crazy class schedules, grueling workouts, balancing multiple jobs, life can get a little insane sometimes. We’ve all been there—exhausted, stressed, and maybe a little crabby, all because we’re trying to do too much. Because of all this, it’s become way too easy to suffer from the dreaded burnout. Here are a few tricks to help avoid burnout and get the most out of your day:

Catch Some ZZZZs

It’s true—losing sleep can be one of the worst things for your health. Studies show that people who get less than six hours of sleep are at a greater risk for burnout, making them prone to impaired mental function, increased stress, and lack of motivation—none of which is very helpful. So while it may seem like a good idea at the time to pull an all-nighter, don’t do it. Chances are you’ll pay for it the next day.

Set Personal Goals

Maybe it sounds a little corny, but it works. Setting personal goals makes a huge difference. It can provide focus, clarity, and prevents the feeling of being overwhelmed. Try setting both easily attainable and challenging future goals – like having a meal with family once every day, and training for an upcoming 5k. Visual reminders, like sticky notes on the bathroom mirror, offer further motivation to make things happen.

Fuel Up

Hectic day-to-day schedules can lead to some poor choices when it comes to eating. Fast food and cheap snacks are easy to come by, but they’ll just make matters worse. Remember, good in means good out. By eating leafy greens, nutrient-rich fruits, and protein-packed snacks, you’ll feel energized and motivated throughout the day. And don’t forget to eat! Skipping meals drains energy and contributes to moodiness and over-eating later. So be sure to eat a healthy breakfast and keep a Perfect Bar on hand to stay sharp.

Hydration is Key

We know you probably hear it all the time and constantly, but drinking water and staying hydrated is key! It’s always a good idea to drink a good amount of water two – three hours before you plan on working out, again 30 minutes before, every so often while you are working out and of course post workout to replenish.

Know When to Stop

With so much to do and so little time to do it, we try to push ourselves to the limit by getting everything done. And that’s not always good. Trying to “do it all” can take a serious toll on our physical and mental well-being. By pushing yourself too hard, you can do more harm than good—and in the end, it’s just not worth it. Be flexible with goals and take the time to relax and catch your breath. You deserve it!

Life is crazy—there’s no way around it. But with a few simple adjustments, you can avoid burnout and start feeling great. Take time for yourself, get some sleep, eat right, and enjoy the moment.