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Your Perfect Guide: Autumn Flavors Found At Your Local Farmers Market

Posted by Dustin Canada on

Shopping your local farmers market can be a fun way to buy fresh produce and support local businesses, but knowing what to look for will save you a lot of time and trouble. Many fruits and vegetables are seasonal and its availability will vary depending on the region’s climate.

We created a guide with our farmers market must-haves for the fall season to turn you into an expert before your next trip:


Many people forget that apples are seasonal, but they are harvested late summer through fall in California. Getting apples from the farmers market has its benefits. You can learn when and where they were grown and better yet, they don’t have the wax coating or preservatives of typical grocery store apples. Pick up some sweet, crisp apples for your next dessert dish.


This large, purple vegetable comes into season at the end of summer and stays ripe well into fall. Look for the heavy, shiny ones to grill or bake to perfection.

fall fruit figs


This soft textured fruit is unlike any other. Its intense honey-like flavor makes it perfect for holiday desserts or pairing with savory dishes. Be careful when handling figs because they are extremely fragile!


Like all hearty cooking greens, the cooler fall weather keeps kale more flavorful. Purchase this nutrient-packed vegetable at a better deal from the farmers market compared to the grocery store to see what all the fuss is about.


There are two types of persimmons, Fuyu and Hachiya. Fuyu persimmons are often eaten raw or sliced and tossed in a salad. Hachiya persimmons are often peeled and pureed to add to a mix for baked goods. Either way, you choose to eat them, their mild pumpkin flavor makes a tasty fall treat.


Pomegranates have a short season and only ripen in warmer regions, such as Southern California. Add its juicy, tart seeds to a fresh salad or enjoy them on their own out of your hand for a fun snack.

hands holding pumpkin


Pumpkin flavored foods are one of the best parts of fall. Pumpkins come into season in September in most areas, just in time for Halloween. Find the perfect pumpkin to decorate or use to make pumpkin pie. Don’t forget to save the seeds to roast after you use the pumpkin!


There are many different types of squash that come into season in the fall. No matter what type of squash you choose, always pick one that feels heavy for its size. Awesome squash dishes for fall include butternut squash soup and spaghetti squash.

Try a Keithsgiving family recipe here for a new spin on a classic soup.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a very versatile vegetable that can be cooked in a variety of ways. Bake them into sweet potato fries or mash them into a sweet potato casserole for a fun Thanksgiving side dish.