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Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Posted by Dustin Canada on

Now that we’re finally feeling autumn’s cool breeze, we are so excited to be outside running, biking, swimming, and living life! Here’s a little motivation to skip the routine trip to the gym and enjoy taking your workout outside.

In San Diego, we’re lucky to have perfect fall weather. The fresh air, Vitamin D absorption, and the beautiful San Diego landscape can be a great alternative to the gym. Why be stuck inside when you could be running on the beach or discovering new trails? Studies show that people who exercise outdoors instead of indoors have better moods and higher self-esteem. Sometimes a crowded gym can feel a little intimidating. Out in the open, you are in control of where to go, who to be with, and what to accomplish. There’s no one to get in the way of your progress or discourage you from achieving your goals. The Huffington Post published a study proving links between and “greater decreases in tension, confusion, anger, and depression when compared to indoor activity.” There are more than just psychological benefits however; studies prove there are physical benefits as well.

Let’s take running, for example. People run differently on a treadmill than on normal ground, flexing their ankles more and exerting additional energy in the same distance ran compared to a treadmill. The static nature of a treadmill is no comparison to the hills, turns, sand, gravel, and unexpected terrain outdoors. The same goes for cycling. A stationary bike doesn’t account for the wind drag requiring more energy exertion for an outside ride.

Some other upsides result from exercising outdoors, too. Your wallet will thank you for not having to pay hefty monthly membership fees for the gym. Not only that, but you will save money and the environment by not having to drive to the nearest gym. It’s a win-win for you and the great outdoors!

So head to the beach for a fun beach workout, or hike a trail you’ve never been on. Enjoy the fresh air and unexpected terrain. Grab your bike, grab a friend, and enjoy what Mother Earth has to offer.