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7 Changes You Can Make Today For Sustained Health

Posted by Whitney Stuart on

Spring isn’t the only season to spend time cleaning up – and we’re aren’t just talking about your closet. Your daily routine and dedication to balanced self-care is just as important. Although a weekly pedicure doesn’t hurt, self-care truly starts from within! Here you’ll find a dietitian’s favorite realistic routines- not restrictive resolutions – that can become lifelong beneficial resources as they evolve into habits. Pick one, love on yourself, and thrive!

7 Sustainable Health Changes To Make Today

Start your day with a morning walk around the park

Instead of: Starting your day busting out emails

The 24 hour day is yours, don’t throw it to others at dawn! If you wake up while staring at your phone and the long list of requests from others, you’ll forget about your own desires. Prioritizing yourself and your health in the morning will create a happier day and lower your overall stress level. Keep that phone off, or at least locked and dim, until you’ve had at least 15 minutes in a routine that gives you endorphins and reminds you that YOU come first. The e-mails can wait.

Pack a Perfect Bar to stay fueled and really crush that new spin class

Instead of: Ignoring your midday hunger signals and push through with just coffee

Chronic avoidance of hunger leads to an extra-hungry stomach which leads to overeating later in the day. If your goal is stable energy, focus, and health; aim to eat every 4-5 hours. It’s okay to be hungry; it means you’re doing things! Try these easy snacks to be more productive.


Eat every 4-5 hours and honor your hunger signals for all day balanced energy

Instead of: Drinking coffee all day long and grab an energy drink at lunch.

Did you see the previous recommendation? That’s right, the best energy source is food, NOT caffeine. Masking the way your body feels with erratic bursts of energy will only cause you to be over-tired in the long run and may lead to adrenal fatigue. Plus, more than 250 mg of caffeine daily can cause stomach cramping and additional trips to the restroom. And you don’t want that.

Record your favorite TV show so you can watch 30 minutes here or there without disruption to your precious sleep schedule

Instead of: Functioning as a zombie at work by staying up late watching the Bachelor.

Lack of sleep not only increases our appetite for sugar-laden foods (hello, instant energy boost!), but it also leads to more irritability and more money spent on coffee (okay, this last one may only be a true fact for me!). Use technology to your advantage; record it and rest. Check out these tricks for a better night’s sleep.

Utilize movement that makes you happy within a healthy community that challenges you and makes you stronger

Instead of: Signing up for the hardest SoulCycle class to earn your margarita tonight.

Calories are burned, even if you enjoy the process! With the continued emergence of new fitness class styles, you have the power to find one you enjoy most. Research shows that it isn’t about what you do, as much as you continue to do it! Consistent exercise and a healthy routine create the best overall health.

Add a plant-based fat to your meals to keep you satiating for longer

Instead of: Avoiding fat at meals because it’s too high in calories.

Adding a few olives to your Greek salad instead of a double helping on quinoa is the key to feeling satisfied. That’s right, fat’s role is to slow digestion and keep your stomach full of volume for longer. Persistently avoiding fats will make you hangry, and likely to over-consume snacks for energy. Choose sustained energy (fat!) instead!


Eat the cookie, without any distraction, perhaps even with a friend.

Instead of: Eating five apples over the course of an hour to avoid the cookie you really wanted.

Continuously denying your cravings will eventually wear you down. Self-control is limited. Plus, who has time to police their diet, along with the laundry list of to-do’s that are far more important. Nix that deprivation in the bud. Seriously. Enjoying sweets, in a social setting, where you aren’t hiding your intention to just enjoy food like a normal human being, is liberating! It is absolutely plausible, and possible, to maintain a healthy body and still indulge. An easy way to remain successful? Embrace social sweets, in public settings, and avoid buying foods that tempt you and you binge on alone in excessive amounts that result in instant feelings of guilt and a major stomach ache.

Interested in intuitive eating — here’s one pro’s approach.

The biggest takeaway?

Give support and attention to routines that promote balance, health, and most importantly; the anti-diet!

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