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4 Ways to Prevent Post-Workout Binge Eating

Posted by Dustin Canada on

You just torched a slew of calories from a grueling workout whether that is an intense spin class or another session at your local CrossFit. Rather than blow all that hard work on a shameless kitchen raid, check out these 4 ways to avoid a post-workout binger.

Always eat before you sweat
Going to the gym on an empty stomach is likely to cause the mind to focus on one thing-FOOD. Working out without eating a small meal before increases the chance of binging afterwards. Grab a snack loaded with healthy fats, protein and carbs to increase energy levels and silence your growling stomach during any workout. A lite calorie Perfect Bar will do the trick!

Stay hydrated
While working out, up to a liter of water may be lost. That empty stomach feeling might not be hunger. Restoring the fluids lost during a heavy workout should be top priority before eating. Drinking plenty of fluids will quench thirst and help deliver nutrients quickly and effectively.

Talk yourself out of it
This one sounds easier said than done, but sometimes all one needs is a little pep talk. Take a step back from the fridge and reflect back on how hard that workout was. Ask yourself, “Do I really want to throw away everything I just worked for?” “Am I even hungry?”

Plan your meal ahead of time
Pre-make a salad and slice up some fruit so that post-workout meal is ready to go. If fulfilling that burrito craving is more than necessary, try opting for a healthier version. Instead, make a bowl filled with black beans, chicken and veggies. Committing to eating healthy food before working out will make sticking to the plan a lot easier.

A good way to look at it is “everything in moderation, including moderation.” Sometimes polishing off four pieces of pizza in one sitting is unavoidable but also well deserved-aka a cheat meal, just don’t let it happen often. Working out takes a lot of effort!