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4 Foods to Help You Stay Healthy This Winter

Posted by Cat Canada on

Don’t let a nasty cold or flu put you out for the count this winter. After all, good health should be on the top of everyone’s wish list this holiday season. Stay healthy this winter with these easy ways to help boost your immune system so you can keep rocking around the tree and into the new year.

Herbal Tea

A steaming mug of hot herbal tea on a cold winter day makes the best combo. With so many ready-to-use options, drinking tea is easy and fun. We recommend investing in a thermal carafe. That way, a pot of hot water can be made and poured from throughout the day while avoiding the microwave. Look for herbal teas that include these immune-promoting botanicals:
Rose Hip: the fruit of the rose plant. Found in every Perfect Bar, this herb is packed with vitamin C.
Ginger: well-known to ease digestion.
Elderberries: may offer defense against colds.

All The Berries

They may be small, but berries pack a punch. They’re filled with antioxidants prepared to defend the immune system. Outshining oranges, a single kiwi contains an entire day’s requirement of vitamin C. Add these virus-fighting fruits to some yogurt to start the day.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is the homemade remedy of all remedies that’s been around for centuries. When slow cooked over low heat for a significant amount of time, bone broth provides beneficial minerals that most people lack in their daily diets. Nutrients such as proline, glycine and gelatin do wonders to the digestive and immune systems.

Check out this delicious bone broth recipe.

Yogurt or Krauts

Staying healthy starts within the gut. 70% of the cells that make up the body’s immune system are found in the intestinal tract. Consuming probiotics have been shown to balance digestive health. Eat foods rich in healthy bacteria, such as yogurt or sip on probiotic drinks. Want to learn more about probiotic-rich foods? check out our beginners guide to fermented foods.

Follow these tips and be merry all winter long!