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2019 Perfect Predictions: A Complete List Of This Year's Buzzing Health Trends

Posted by Cat Canada on

With 2019 underway, there are still 50 weeks left for health and wellness trends to unfold and yearly intentions to be re-written again and again. Whether you’re one to make resolutions or defy the need to make any drastic changes on Jan 1, the new year is always a fun time to reflect on highs and lows of the past year and predict what cream (dairy-free, of course) will rise to the top as the hottest food trend of the next 12 months. So we present to you our Perfect Predictions – our complete list of the 2019 health trends.

This year, we did something a little different. We turned to YOU — our fans, health nuts, and trend-spotters — for help in predicting what will be on our shelves, feeds and plates this year. From beloved spices making a strong comeback, unknown adaptogens overflowing our morning elixirs and even less screen time, this year is shaping up to be delicious, nutritious and rejuvenating from the inside out.

Let’s take a look at the rest of our 2019 health trends

Ginger Spice Makes A Comeback

Though the British, girl-powered version is a fan-fave, the classic, raw variation of the spice is the one taking center stage this year. From ales, cookies, marinades and teas, you can expect to see ginger used on menus from your home to your local farm-to-table restaurants. Ginger is anti-inflammatory in nature, settling stomachs and soothing sore throats, and also helps to lower blood pressure!

Learn more about the many health benefits of ginger and why we are into the ginger spice craze!

Add Adaptogens To Your Routine

Adaptogens have been on the rise for the past few years, making this a repeat trend that is quickly becoming a mainstay in the wellness world. Our brand friends at Four Sigmatic are helping to make coffee-alternatives based on the health-expanding power of adaptogens easy to find, eat and love! Moon Juice, the Instagram-friendly and woman-owned company, has been stirring up the popularity of these super herbs by stirring up beauty and brain elixirs using the potency of adaptogens.

Adaptogens support the body to adapt to stressors more naturally. Learn more about these heroic herbs and how to add them to your daily routine.

Get Cheeky With Chickpeas

The classic chickpea remix, hummus, is just one of the ways chickpeas are being used these days. And though hummus flavors are now spicy, savory and sweet thanks to crafty brands like Hope Foods with their Thai Coconut Curry Hummus, or Lantana and their Dark Chocolate Hummus, Chickpea is getting even more love as a protein-rich, gluten-free ingredient. From pasta substitutes (here’s looking at you Banza) to healthier mayonnaise-spreads, little chickpeas are making a splash in a big way this year.

Take a look at some of our other favorite chickpea friends and why we’re adding these legumes to our meals.

Functional Pancakes Put The Fun in Breakfast

Functional flapjacks make the list as the leading morning plate to expect this year. Though dripping in maple syrup is a classic — and delicious — way to enjoy the fluffy forkfuls of heaven, you can expect more positive nutrition to top your tasty ‘cakes. Health-boosting additions may include plant-based protein powder or ground flax in the batter, superpowered chia seeds on top with almond butter drizzle. Or, for the truly more adventurous and hyper-functional, try a savory pancake recipe with broccoli and goat cheese. Our beary good friends over at Kodiak Cakes make good-for-you paleo and gluten-free mixes making it as easy like Sunday morning to jump on the pancake trend train.

Looking for some guidance for this weekend’s breakie? Try these functional flapjack recipes.

Gimme, Gimme Low Glycemic

Health yeah! We learned that over 35% of health-conscious gurus are looking for “Low GI” indications on their packaged goods. This food cred beat out better-known labels like ‘keto’ and ‘whole 30 approved’ indicating maybe the trends are shifting into a deeper understanding of the entirety of a product. Customers and fans alike are more educated than ever and expect only the best nutrition from the brands they love. Luckily, Perfect Bar has been dedicated to being low GI for years, creating a more balanced bar of protein, fiber and carbs that keeps you fuller, longer with a slower rise in blood sugar.

Want to learn more about the Glycemic Index and get up to speed with this 2019 trend? Head here to discover how the Glycemic Index is way more than just about sugar.

Fresh Snacking FTW

Throwing a protein bar in the fridge was not just ahead of its time, it was a little nutty. But, as we have learned, a little nuttiness isn’t bad. Our poll showed us that 91% of you say your fridge will get more love this year than your pantry! Now that’s a trend we can get behind.

Why is The Original refrigerated Protein Bar refrigerated? Get to know the fridge behind the bar.

Cashew Is The Better Butter?

The popularity of peanuts will always be a tough nut to crack at the top of the most beloved list, but almond proved its worth a few years back making room at the top for another nut in town: cashew! Known for its creamy, buttery, pairs-well-with-others taste, cashew butter is creeping into pantries (or do you store your nut butter in the fridge? That’s a whole other story) across the nation and carving a spot in people’s hearts as the new fave.

Discover why some say cashew butter is the best butter and one of the top 2019 health trends.

Back To The Basics With Analog Exercise

Is health tracking getting to swole? That’s what we asked our experts and the answer was a resounding yes. Although the tip-top, heavy lifters want everything tracked, the majority of people want to feel good inside and out, viewing exercise as only one part of the equation to healthy happiness.

Learn why some say they’re ready to leave the tech tracking devices at home next time they hit the ground running.

CBD: The Clean Beauty Darling of The Year

Clean ingredients made big moves last year with a greater presence in other industries like beauty and skincare. And this year you can expect a similar move by the more controversial player – CBD. Cannabidiol is the medicinal chemical compound from the marijuana plant not to be confused with its psychoactive cousin comparing known as THC. If adaptogens help the body adapt to stressors, you can say CBD is the mother of all adaptogens, supporting the body’s systems to regain its most optimal homeostasis.

Have questions about CBD like if it’s legal or where you can try some? NBD to your CBD questions — we have answers!

Give A Red Light To Blue Light

Screentime will be limited for everyone this year, not just your kiddos. From computers to tablets, cell phones to TVs, most of us move through our daily lives in front of a screen emitting blue light at some capacity. With studies suggesting blue light being harmful to our eyes, minds and sleep patterns, people are now privy to the importance of taking a break and disconnecting. Not only will you sleep better at night, but you’ll find just how much time you spend endlessly scrolling and use those precious hours doing other things like being with friends and family sans screens.

Get the deets on the lasting effects of blue light and screentime.

2019 Health Trends All Together Now

2019 Health Trends Infographic by Perfect Bar