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Stuff We Love | February

Posted by Cat Canada on

A lot of us spend our time and energy each day give, give, giving to others—our children, our partners, our jobs, our friends, our charitable causes—while our own needs, wants, and wellness fall to the bottom of the priority list, only considered on the off chance that you have a free moment to yourself. Don’t get us wrong; there is nothing wrong with being a giver, and we have oh-so-much respect for all those hard working gals and guys out there who do so tirelessly and without complaint. But, you can’t fill a water glass with an empty pitcher. If you’re not a metaphor person, a quick translation: You are the empty pitcher; the water is your energy; the water glass is everyone else you give to. Get it?

What we’re trying to say is…it’s time to TREAT YOURSELF! Take a few hours—the whole day if you can swing it—to refuel and give yourself some of that love and energy you share with everyone else. We think you deserve it, and that’s why this month’s Stuff We Love is all about pampering yourself.

Read on for all of our February self-love favorites and don’t forget to head on over to our Instagram for a chance to win….

Moon Juice Dust Packs

Let’s be real—how can you not like a brand named Moon Juice? Identifying itself as a ‘resource for plant-sourced alchemy to nourish and elevate body, beauty, and consciousness’, it’s no wonder this is the one-stop shop for holistic cool kids and cosmic goddesses. Their products range from powdered proteins to organic snacks, to probiotics and tonics, but everything in their line shares a few common themes: nature, flavor, healing, wellness, and longevity. Um, where do we sign up? In the theme of TREAT YOURSELF, we’ve got our eye on Moon Juice’s Dust Pack Herbal Supplements, and the good news is we can tell you exactly where to sign up: our Instagram!

Alter Eco Chocolate Bars

We hardly have to explain why chocolate made this month’s SWL list—isn’t that just an obvious choice for a little overdue self-indulging? What we should explain, if you don’t already know, is why Alter Eco is more than just your average guilty-pleasure dark chocolate bar. Why? Well, for starters, there’s no guilt involved. All of the brand’s products are sustainable, ethically-sourced, and fair-trade certified, so you can enjoy knowing your antioxidant rich snack was made with the right intentions. Secondly, no flavor is compromised in Alter Eco’s quest for a healthy and socially/environmentally-conscious sweet treat. Variations include dark chocolate with brown butter, burnt caramel, mint, sea salt, and coconut toffee—to name a few—and each one is as decadent as the last. No judgment if you try them all at once—decisions can be hard sometimes.

Brooklyn Candle Studio Love Potion # 9 Candle

We’re not the first ones to fall in love with this heavenly-scented brand. Brooklyn Candle Studio can also count Vogue, Elle, and Conde Nast Traveler among the ranks of its fans, so we know we’re in good company. When it comes to candles, our mentality is ‘the more the merrier’, and Brooklyn Candle Studio only fuels this fire (pun not intended—well, maybe) by creating minimalist packaging that looks good on just about any surface of the home or office. Although its admittedly hard to choose just one of these fresh, botanical fragrances, their Love Potion #9 candle is on our radar this month, if not for its absurdly cute heart packaging, then for the exotic notes of jasmine blossoms, calming lavender, and bright mandarin. It’s the perfect sensory complement to any day of self-pampering.

Can’t wait to get your hands on this month’s Stuff We Love?

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