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A More Perfect Q & A with Robin Plotnik @whatrobineats: Toast Connoisseur and New Momma

Posted by MacKenzie Hartung on

Let’s start with your own health story – what has it been like?

My health story started at a young age. I was 15 years old when I had my first personal trainer and nutritionist to prepare me for pageant competitions and modeling. My lifestyle at that time was nowhere near healthy, or balanced, and entering those two worlds made me want to start taking better care of myself. I competed in pageants for 4 years, winning the titles of Miss Greater San Diego Teen USA 2008 and MIss California US International 2009, and modeled for 17. Throughout most of those years, I lived a very structured lifestyle following meal and fitness plans. It wasn’t until I was 24 that I realized that I had lost my food freedom and I was stuck in an eating rut. I became a certified nutritionist shortly after this realization to learn balance for myself and to help others who may be feeling the same way I did. Eating should be enjoyable with everything in moderation.

What has been the biggest challenge turned lesson you’ve learned along the way?

Staying too on track. When I started working with trainers and nutritionists I never took a break running myself dry. Health includes relaxation and self-care! It took me a few years to realize this but I’m so thankful I did!

Sweet & Savory #ToastTuesday Options by Robin

How has your transition to motherhood been?

The only word to describe motherhood is emotional. I’ve never cried so much in my life since bringing Poppy home. Happy tears, sad tears, tears for no reason! It’s been a life changing experience and I’m so thankful to be her Mother. We have so much fun together.

Do you have any advice for new moms out there that are looking for quick, healthy meals?

My best advice for new moms is to make meals beforehand to freeze! It’s been life-saving to have frozen meals on hand. I also suggest asking friends and family for help in the meal department. People want to help in those first few weeks and having them bring food over when they come see you is the best.

What is your must-do self-care practice that helps you stay balanced with your busy schedule?

Making time for myself in the morning. I am such an early bird! I love taking the morning slow and making breakfast for my husband. Now with a five-week-old, I still make it a point to enjoy the morning. After Poppy has her first feeding at 7 am I’ll get out of bed, wash my face, tongue scrape, brush my teeth, and make breakfast. Sometimes Poppy sleeps quietly and other times she’s attached to me in the Solly Wrap. Either way, I get that time in to make breakfast and read a daily devotional. It really sets the mood for the day!

And finally, what is your favorite Perfect Bar?

Oooo, Chocolate Walnut Brownie and Mocha Chip!

Make Robin’s Toast Tuesday creations yourself with these simple recipes:

For the savory variety:

  • Almond cream cheese
  • fried egg with “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning

And for the sweet:

  • Almond cream cheese
  • Sautéed cinnamon apple
  • Date caramel sauce
  • Paleo granola
  • Pumpkin Pie Perfect Bar