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Perfect As Pumpkin Pie: A Look Inside Our Fall Favorite

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Pumpkin Pie: The Lookbook

Get A Behind The Scenes Look At Our Fave Taste Of Fall

When we set out to make our very first seasonal flavor we knew that a pumpkin pie protein bar had the potential of being a flavor that was equally loved and judged. There is a market takeover by pumpkin-flavored products ranging from skincare to cereal by the end of August through November (and getting earlier every year)! So wading into the seasonal flavor waters with a high-stakes and even more highly populated recipe was risky.

Pumpkin Pie Is Back For Another Year

Well, we brought Pumpkin Pie back for another year because as we learned faster than we were even ready for that the risk of a Pumpkin Pie protein bar was worth it! The flavor sold out in only 4 days last year leaving Perfect Bar loyalists wanting more and the team convinced more than ever that the pumpkin craze is here to stay.

Giving You Pumpkin To Talk About (Again!)

What really sets the Pumpkin Pie Perfect Bar apart from other pumpkin-flavored products is just that — the flavor! We don’t use any artificial or natural flavoring in our pumpkin bar like many products on the market. We remain dedicated to serving only fresh-from-the-fridge protein bars, which means we use clean, whole food ingredients. Real organic dried pumpkin is mixed with freshly ground peanut butter, organic honey and seasonal spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to create that perfect (wink, wink) nostalgic taste of holidays at home.

Our Director of Innovation, Sarah Lowrey, says that this year Pumpkin Pie is not only back it’s better than ever. “Our consumers were as excited and ready for it as we were! A year later, the flavor has only improved. We were able to use the feedback we received to make Pumpkin Pie 2.0 even better with a softer texture and more pumpkin & spice flavors.” The pumpkin protein bar still boasts 14g of whole food protein and 20 organic superfoods, so it offers a healthy serving of nutrients while also satisfying your seasonal sweet tooth.

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Because It’s #PerfectAsPie

“You guys made pumpkin cool again!” The ultimate compliment surrounding this seasonal flavor and one that enforced our decision to bring Pumpkin Pie back for an encore performance this year.


Other than our innovation team crafting an incredible recipe, our social and outreach teams made this flavor splash into the feeds of our dearest and nearest friends. Katie Orphey, social media maven and Marketing Coordinator, says of last year’s efforts: “Pumpkin-flavored products weren’t new, but when we launched our Pumpkin Pie Perfect Bar last year, we had no idea how successful it would be. Since this was our first ever seasonal flavor, we knew we needed support from our brand friends and boy did they deliver. With more than 250 Instagram posts and stories, we successfully made pumpkin cool again. Can’t wait to spice up the season again!”

Pumpkin Pie All Season Long

Didn’t get your hands on a box last year? Don’t worry. We want to spread the delicious fall vibes all season long, so this year, Pumpkin Pie will be available online at and at select retailers including Trader Joe’s, Starbucks and Whole Foods. But if you’re a lucky one who is ready for seconds get ready to dig in and enjoy our favorite flavor of the fall – Pumpkin Pie!

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