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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Katie Orphey on

When we were little, we could get away with a handmade card and some daffodils from the front yard on Mother’s Day. But times are a changin’ and fresh picked flowers are just the cherry on top of this years Mother’s Day gifts.

We already know that Perfect Bar is at the top of your Mom’s must-have list, right? Of course! But this Mother’s Day is quickly approaching (May 8th), so we’ve handpicked gifts from brands we love to give you the chance to snag some for you and your mom, grandmother, mommy friend, granny, ninny, wives or — what the hell? — even mother-in-law!

Stay tuned for our week of celebrating all those special women in your life on Instagram, beginning May 2nd – 8th for your a chance to win some of the items featured below (and much, much more)!

EAT Healthy Designs

We had thought there wasn’t anything out there that we loved more than a hand written note, until EAT Healthy Designs. This California design shop brings a new twist on stationery by incorporating nutrition information in a well designed and unconventional way. Based here in California, Elise — a Register Dietitian coupled her love for paper goods and nutrition to bring this labor of love to life. EAT Healthy Designs carries a variety of paper goods from thank you to happy birthday notes, women and men’s health food apparel, and even a pun food pencil set. Learn more…

EAT Healthy

Herbivore Botanicals

We’ve teamed up with Hebivore Botanicals to bring you and your mama their Travel Set, which has everything you’ll need to keep your skin nourished and protected. This natural beauty + skincare company was born in the Seattle kitchen of Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow. They believe that skincare should smell and feel amazing and add enjoyment to your daily routine that’s why all of their formulas are original, created and tested by them, on real people — never on animals and always from scratch. Join them on the journey of providing you truly natural, cruelty free skincare that provides results you can see and feel. Learn more…


Nohmad Snack Co.

Nohmad Snack Co. was created out of an obsession to make the foods we love healthier (we’re looking at you, chocolate). They produce chocolate bar and nut butters this by making their products in small batches, using the highest quality, sustainable sourced ingredients available. These chocolate bars are free of refined sugars, dairy, and soy which basically make these guilt free — at least for Mother’s Day. Givin’ into your sweet tooth has never been so healthy! Learn more…

Nohmad Snacks

Love Tatum

Inspired by international beach life and the natural form of rare gemstones, Love Tatum is a jewelry boutique local right here in sunny San Diego. Designer Tatum Lenahan strives to capture the precious quality found in each stone by simply encasing it in 24 carat electro-formed gold and other metals. All of the gems used are hand picked for their unique and exceptional characteristics. We’re giving away a pair of these lovely Howlite Square Studs. These earrings are sure to bring a positive care-free vibe to your life as this crystal is considered a calming stone. You’ll be sure to bring a piece of light with you when wearing any of their gorgeous gems, stones, or crystals. Learn more…

Love Tatum


Eating more vegetables can make a big difference towards a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes….we’re too busy. That’s where SWAP comes in — swap the junk in your favorite frozen waffles for real vegetables, flavorful spices, and heart healthy oils. No colors, chemicals, or other science experiments here – just more nutrition, and a healthier you. Swapples come in a variety of flavors including Spicy Spinach, Sweet Potato Curry, Sun Dried Tomato, and Everything Bagel. These all-vegetable freezer waffles are paleo, vegan, gluten, soy, and nut free. Learn more…

Swap Foods

Chef V

It has always been hard to make healthy choices. At least it’s been harder than making unhealthy choices. And more expensive to boot. Chef V seeks to change that. They offer the supplies, tools, knowledge and support that everyone needs to start leading a healthier life in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible. With their free weekly delivery, you can start every week with a fresh batch, chilled and waiting for you in your own Chef V cooler bag. Chef V’s green drink is cold-Blended (not juiced or pressed) to retain all the natural fibers and deliver maximum nutrients. Learn more…

Chef V