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Jason Mraz: Tips to Feel Like a Rockstar

Posted by Dustin Canada on

Life on the road is no easy gig and can derail any effort to eat well, maintain balance and stay healthy. Just ask multi-Grammy winner and long-time Perfect Bar fan Jason Mraz. He’s embarking on yet another tour, this time down under in Australia. However, he’s got a few unique tricks up his sleeve to help him keep healthy while traveling. Check em out and perhaps give them a try! After all, you can’t be the next American Idol if you’re always in urgent care.

1. Create a morning routine

For Jason, it’s spinning. And we’re not talking about spin class. After Jason brushes his teeth and drinks a large glass of water, he spins around clockwise 7, 14 or 21 times. This spinning exercise is derived from the Five Tibetan Rites, a yoga and meditation routine Jason begins each morning with.

2. Eat natural, organic foods

This green-juice lover only eats quality foods. He enjoys a good falafel or a tortilla filled with avocado, sprouts and hummus. His homemade green smoothies give him the protein and nutrients he needs to get his day started. There’s never a worry if he’s in a hurry because he always has an emergency stash of Perfect Bars ready to go.

3. Understand the way food affects your life

There’s no right or wrong diet; it all depends on the individual. As a singer, eating vegan allows Jason’s nose and throat to stay clear and avoid phlegm that’s often caused from a diet consisting of meat and cheese. When he has a show to perform almost every night, there’s no time to feel sick or sluggish. Eating whole foods helps Jason sustain his energy and perform at his full potential.

4. Don’t neglect the basics

Get 8 hours of sleep, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Aside from nourishing the body with homegrown foods, Jason remembers the importance of these three everyday necessities. People often overlook the simple things that can go a long way in sustaining health.

While implementing Jason’s healthy habits might not turn you into “the next big thing”, they may help make you feel like a rock star!