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Celebrating Women at Perfect Bar

Posted by Cat Canada on

“With 9 sisters to our four brothers, women not having a voice was never a possibility when we started Perfect Bar.” -Leigh Keith, Co-founder and COO

If you walk through the Perfect Bar headquarters on any given day there is one thing that stands out: Women are leading. A fact that is equally purposeful and happenstance.

Founded by a family that is predominantly women, not having women at the table, whether at the head for dinner or corporate presentations, was never a possibility. It is inherent to Perfect Bar to have women in powerful, executive roles because…why wouldn’t you? Empowering women, though obvious to the company, is not lost on the female leaders who fill those seats as something unique to Perfect Bar.

Working for a company that not only hires women for all levels, but also values, defers to and lifts them in an environment of support and vulnerability is something special.

For this International Women’s Day, we wanted to sit down with our very own boss ladies to hear from them what it means to be a female leader and what lessons or advice they want to pass along to next generation of women.

Allie Jennings

Director of Human Resources

Allie Jennings

“Find what you’re passionate about and don’t let any obstacle get in your way. Whether that is trying to have a family and a career or you’re going to be in a male-dominated industry, find that passion and hold true to it.”

Anna Woods

Senior Supply Chain Manager

“Just because we are emotional or more soft, does not mean we aren’t doing what’s best for the company. You know, sometimes it’s not just about margins. It’s important to look at all the people you are influencing, all the minds you are touching and what’s going on in their lives.”

Elizabeth Carter

Vice President of Finance

“I want to see us get away from this idea that “you can’t do both” – you can’t be a mother and an executive or a leader in a business. We need more companies like Perfect Bar that identify that it is possible to have both and to find the balance.”

Allison Fowler

Vice President of Marketing

“Stereotypes are so tough because they are polarizing by nature. I really want to debunk the stereotypes that you are either ballbuster on one side or a pushover. You can be nice. You can lead with compassion and heart, but you can also be tough and intense and get the job done. So that’s what I really strive to do, to land in that sweet spot!”

Jen White

Creative Director

‘I’ve worked with some really strong women above me and I like watching how they conduct a room or a meeting and how they talk to their peers. It’s inspirational to see when they are strong, when they are soft and when they stop to listen.”

Sarah Lowrey

Director of Innovation

“I really think you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, and I want to be the average of really amazing women. So I think it’s important to be surrounded by strong women in leadership who can support me in my goals and I can support them.”

Leigh Keith

Co-Founder and President

“As our company grew, I began to wonder if I needed to get more corporate or grow up with the company. And then I realized, no, not all! I can continue just being myself and stay relaxed. I don’t have to fake anything or act like I can handle more than I can. That was a big lesson for me – that I could remain being myself through all of the growth of the company.”