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17 Reasons Why Our Peanut Butter Protein Bar is Perfect

Posted by Cat Canada on

Our peanut butter protein bar is the original family recipe that started it all. Ten years later, we’re more confident than ever that our peanut butter protein and superfood blend is perfect!

New flavor trends come and go, but our love for peanut butter stands the test of time. From classic PB&Js to ants on a log snack breaks, we all have spoonfuls of happy childhood memories around the sticky goodness of peanut butter. And nostalgia is just the beginning. Now, we multitasking adults satisfy cravings and fuel workouts with peanut butter protein bars. Because apparently it’s frowned upon to eat spoonfuls in the gym.

Texture, Taste And Ingredients: Here are the top 17 reasons why our peanut butter protein bar is perfect

1. Freshly Ground Organic Peanuts

The organic peanuts in our signature protein bar recipe have a lot to offer. Did you know that peanuts are grown underground, are technically legumes not nuts, and actually help improve the soil? Plus, peanuts are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and pack in more protein than most tree nuts. These are just a few reasons why we are devoted peanut (butter) lovers.

Peanut Butter Protein Bar Perfect Bar
Peanut Butter Perfect Bar is made with freshly ground organic peanuts.

2. That Cookie Dough Texture Though

Some protein bars toughen up with preservatives and harden on the shelves – but not us! The only thing our protein bar preserves is the soft, creamy eating experience true peanut butter fans know and love. Take a Perfect Bar out of the fridge, let it sit and soften for a few minutes, and enjoy a deliciously rich, indulgent texture similar to cookie dough.

Peanut Butter Perfect Bar Soft Texture
The soft, creamy texture you have to taste to believe.

3. So Fresh, It’s Found in the Fridge

Unprocessed whole foods are best kept chilling in the fridge, and that’s why we store Perfect Bar in the refrigerator. Organic honey and cold temperature are the only natural preservatives we use, with absolutely no artificial additives. Different from dry shelf bars, the Peanut Butter Perfect Bar is so fresh, you’ll find it in the refrigerated section of grocery stores.

Perfect Bar Refrigerated Protein Bar
Perfect Bar is fresh from the fridge.

4. Ready To Go On Adventures

Whether you’re shopping, school-ing, hiking, camping, snowboarding or road-tripping, our protein bar is the perfect travel companion. Our bars are stored in the fridge for optimal freshness, but they’re anxiously awaiting your next adventure. And no need to worry if there isn’t a fridge nearby; Perfect Bar is good for one week on the go at room temperature. So wherever life takes you, bring your perfect peanut butter buddy along for the ride.

Peanut Butter Perfect Bar Good On The Go For One Week
Perfect Bar is ready to go wherever life takes you.

5. It’s the Original Family Recipe

Cue the childhood nostalgia! We took Papa Keith’s refrigerated peanut butter protein bar recipe and turned it into a brand, launching Perfect Bar in 2007. It goes without saying that peanut butter plays a pretty central role in the Perfect Bar lineup to this day, and for that we have a lifetime of devotion to the gooey gods, or at least the peanut farmers.

Peanut Butter Original Perfect Bar Recipe
Peanut Butter Perfect Bar is the original family recipe.

6. Like a Spoonful of Peanut Butter, Without the Mess

It’s hard to imagine something topping a big spoonful of creamy (or crunchy) peanut butter, but then our Perfect Bar happened. Here’s why it’s better: no sticking to the roof of your mouth, no frantic stirring of the separated oils and no need to pack an entire jar of peanut butter in your bag. It’s the peanut butter experience in an easy to-go package.

Perfect Bar Organic Peanut Butter Protein
Perfect Bar is made with freshly ground organic peanut butter.

7. Sweetened With Organic Honey

Keeping the Perfect Bar product family together since the start, organic honey is our sweetener, and also our natural binder and preservative. It keeps all the peanut butter and superfood magic living in harmony, giving you that bite of pure peanut butter bliss. And honey helps us rack up those hi-fives for low GI, too! We think honey is all-around perfect.

Organic honey is the perfect natural preservative.

8. Plays Well With Other Flavors

As the original flavor and the source of our tasty inspiration, peanut butter generously lent its nutty self to be the base for a growing list of Perfect Bar products. More peanut buttery protein bar flavors include Fruit and Nut, Peanut Butter Coconut, Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter with Sea Salt, Cranberry Crunch and Carob Chip*. Check out all Perfect Bar flavors.

Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter with Sea Salt Perfect Bar
Cheers to Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter with Sea Salt!

9. Heck No to GMOs

Genetically modified organisms are a hot topic in the food industry right now, and whether you are for or against is up to your diet discretion. We just want a bar that can party with everyone! So you better believe our peanut butter protein bar is Non-GMO Project Verified. Learn more in The Truth About Non-GMO Food Labels: Your Right to Know.

Peanut Butter Protein Bar Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free
Peanut Butter Perfect Bar is organic, non-GMO, gluten free and soy free.

10. Gluten Free For Happy Bellies

No gluten, gluten gluttony or somewhere in between, we’re all about balance here at Perfect Bar. However, we want to keep all bellies happy, so our protein bars are free of gluten.

11. Soy Free is the Way to Be

Much like the GMO debate, the polls are still out on soy – to eat or not to eat seems to be the primary question. Rest assured our perfect protein bars are free of soy.

12. How Low Can You Go – On the Glycemic Index?

We can go pretty low, low enough to be certified low GI. And that deserves a hi-five! The Glycemic Index (GI) is a measurement of a food’s effect on blood sugar levels. So when a product is certified as low GI, the carbs (including sugars) are more slowly absorbed and cause a more sustained rise in blood sugar. It’s important to look at the ingredients list, not just the isolated sugar content number, to understand the full Glycemic Index story.

13. Half of the Perfect Pair

With morning coffee and afternoon kombucha, or crumbled atop yogurt as a guilt-free midnight snack, the Peanut Butter Perfect Bar pairs perfectly with just about anything.

Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Perfect Bar
“If @perfectbar was a religion, I’d be the freakin’ pope.” – Perfect Pair master @avokween

14. Good Fats, Good For The Soul

Not all fats are created equal, nor are they processed in the body the same way. Dr. Walter C. Willett, M.D., a Professor of Nutrition at Harvard University, says: “Unsaturated fats, which make up the majority of the fat content in peanut butter, help reduce LDL cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease.” And with a healthy ratio of saturated to unsaturated fat that ranks peanut butter up there with olive oil, we say dig in by the bar-ful!

15. Supercharged With Superfoods

You can eat your veggies and your protein bar at the same time! Every single Perfect Bar is made with a superfood blend that includes organic kale, spinach, carrots and tomatoes.

16. Filling and Satiating

It’s so much more than a snack. We’ll let one of our fans do the talking: “I have been eating one (or two!) Perfect Bars every day for over 3 years! They are my absolute favorite thing to eat for breakfast to get my day started and keep me satisfied all day long.” Thanks, Kristin B.!

17. Wow – 17 Grams of Whole Food Protein

Weighing in at 17 grams, our original peanut butter protein bar is bulked up by only whole food protein sources, including organic peanuts, organic nonfat milk powder and organic whole egg powder. In fact, our peanut butter flavor tops the Perfect Bar product rankings with highest protein count. Here at Perfect Bar we believe real strength starts within. Who needs artificial supplements, when you can enjoy whole food protein from natural ingredients? The 17 grams may or may not have been the inspiration behind the number of the list, too!

Peanut Butter Perfect Bar 17 Grams of Protein
Peanut Butter Perfect Bar is packed with 17 g of protein.

We are so thrilled to share our peanut butter protein bar with fellow health nuts. Check the refrigerated section at your grocery store, or shop Peanut Butter Perfect Bar online now!

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*All Perfect Bar flavors are Non-GMO Project Verified