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#12PerfectDays of Giveaways!

Posted by Katie Orphey on

Welcome to the CHILLEST holiday giveaway this season has to offer. We’ve teamed up with our friends at some of the best fresh-from-the-fridge brands in the biz to spread some serious holiday cheer. Each day we’ll be introducing someone new to our cool-as-ice lineup and giving YOU guys a chance to walkaway with some of their tastiest treats. ‘Tis the season for giving and we want to make sure yours is just perfect. Make sure to visit our Instagram @PERFECTBAR over the next 12 days for a CHANCE TO WIN.

Siggi’s Dairy

Why we chose Siggi’s: Not all yogurts are created equal, and Siggi’s is here to prove it. Based on Scandinavian dairy traditions, this thick, protein-rich yogurt was made in response to the sweet, artificial yogurt options founder Siggi Hilmarsson found in the US. Twelve successful years and a continually-growing fan base later, it’s obvious that Siggi was on to something when he brought his all natural, lower in sugar, low calorie yogurt stateside. If you peek in our fridge at HQ, you’ll see we’re serious about our Siggi’s too. With a product line that now includes drinkable yogurt (comparable to kefir) and tubed yogurt for enjoying on the go, it’s even easier to get your fix.


Why we chose VitaCoco: These days coconut water is a well-recognized staple at the grocery store and shares shelf space with some of the beverage industry veterans, but it wasn’t too long ago that this hydrating sensation was unknown in these parts. Given that we can hardly imagine a world without it, you might be wondering (like we once were) who to thank for this refreshing gift. That would be Mike Kirban and Ira Liran, childhood friends and the pioneers behind this entire craze—their brand Vita Coco was the first line of natural coconut water in the US. Now, with major celebrity fans like Rihanna, Matthew McConaughey, Anthony Kiedis, and Perfect Bar (well, almost all major celebrities), Vita Coco is a household name around the globe.

Hope Foods

Why we chose Hope Foods: If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re prettyyyy big on making and eating food that’s healthy, flavorful, fresh, and full of the highest-quality ingredients. That’s why we love our friends at HOPE Foods; because they feel the exact same way and share our philosophy that good food can nourish the body and the soul. While it’s easy to tell you that these guys are purveyors of some of the best hummus in the game, you can only truly understand how good this stuff is if you try it. The difference in taste is undeniable, and that’s because HOPE truly cares about making their product the right way. Their ingredients are sourced from local farmers in the American southwest, and they use only cold pressure High Power Pressure (HPP) technology to maintain all the goodness that we love about our hummus: freshness, flavor, texture, and nutrition, without any preservatives. Call us crazy, but we think food just tastes so much better when you know the brand cares that much.


Why we chose Suja: You don’t get be #2 on the list of Forbes Most Promising Companies without some serious hard work and an epic product, which is exactly what Suja has done to become one of the most well-known names in the cold-pressed beverage industry. Their goal to transform lives through conscious nutrition (which we wholeheartedly support) is reinforced by the process through which they make their juices: using only organic, non-GMO fruits and veggies, and implementing breakthrough HPP technology that naturally preserves all the flavor and nutrients one expects from their juice. It doesn’t hurt that the brand was founded by an all-star team—life-long juicer Annie Lawless, raw food chef Eric Ethans, award-winning restauranteur James Brennan, and Harvard MBA/social entrepreneur Jeff Church, who also founded social enterprise Nika Water. Together, they continue to deliver amazing products (juices, cleanse systems, drinking vinegars, and probiotic waters) that have a permanent home in our fridge.


Why we chose OrganicGirl: Although their name is OrganicGirl, this is a brand that any greens-obsessed individual can get on board with. The Salinas Valley-based company originally started out with a small focus to deliver the best organic produce possible, but as their passion for greens continued to grow—along with their loyal following—they expanded their line to include fresh dressings and juices that, unlike many other juice products, don’t rely heavily on fruit. Rather, they prioritize the same clean, green produce that helped launch their company to begin with, and trust us, you’ll be glad they do because the juices are so darn delicious. We also love that all of OrganicGirl’s products come in 100% recyclable packaging, which is pretty awesome in itself, but it doesn’t stop there. Customers can also take advantage of their r³ recycle rewards program: when you return your romaine bags or shipping packaging to them, they will recycle and reuse it, and then reward you with goodies like free greens and OrganicGirl swag. Where do we sign up??


Why we chose Health-Ade: We love us some kombucha, as much for its effervescent flavor as for its health benefits. Chock full of probiotics and organic acids that do wonders for gut health, it was easy to trust our gut instinct (see what we did there) when choosing Health-Ade as one of our favorite booch brands out there. Why? Well, a few reasons to be honest. First—we’re suckers for a good back story, and Health-Ade’s humble beginnings as a grassroots business running out of a small apartment kitchen on borrowed money fondly reminds us our own early days. Second—did you see that packaging? Yeah. Pretty darn cute. That alone would make us want to try this drink. Third, and most importantly—this isn’t just your average bubbly brew. Health-ade is a best-in-class product that not only tastes great but is made with total attention to detail, using the highest quality ingredients and processes available. They’re certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, raw, vegan and kosher, and they’re the only commercial kombucha that uses 100% glass to prevent plastic and metal leaching (yuck!) during the fermentation process. Bring on the booch!

Kite Hill

Why we chose Kite Hill: When something tastes amazing, we want everyone we know to be able to enjoy it, and we’re pretty sure Kite Hill had that same thought process when they introduced their line of plant-based foods that has all the indulgent qualities of fine, artisan dairy cheeses—because they’re made using traditional cheese-making methods. Whoah. Mind blown. This isn’t just (a dairy substitute made solely) for the vegans and the lactose intolerants in our lives. Their products are made with taste as a priority, meant to satisfy a ‘full range of food lovers’ regardless of their dietary preferences. And satisfy they do. You’ll find scrumptious yogurts, pastas, spreads, and cream cheeses in their lineup, all of which are made with almond milk and none of which you can go wrong with. Try them all if you get a chance.

Farmhouse Culture

Why we chose Farmhouse Culture: How much do you know about sauerkraut other than the fact it tastes great on a ball park hot dog? Did you know that it’s a fermented food? Or that when fermented properly it becomes a probiotic rich food with tons of health benefits? Well, now you do, and thankfully Kathryn Lukas of Farmhouse Culture has brought her love of ‘kraut’ and knowledge of ancient fermentation traditions to stores near you. The colorful packaging and creative flavors (garlic dill pickle, smoked jalapeno, classic caraway, horseradish leek, spicy wakame ginger kimchi) will blow your traditional thoughts about sauerkraut out of the water, and if you weren’t already, the recipe ideas on Farmhouse Culture’s website will turn you into a diehard fermentation fan soon enough—we certainly are! Beyond Kraut, Farmhouse Culture also offers bottled Gut Shots, probiotic-rich beverages with a bold taste that help keep your gut well-balanced. Shoot it, sip it, toss it on a salad, or add some to your morning smoothie—however you choose to enjoy them, your body will thank you. And in 2017, Farmhouse Culture is making gut health even easier with a new line of Fermented Vegetables, including Ginger Beets, Orange Ginger Carrots, Curry Cauliflower and Taqueria Mix, at select retailers now and widely available early in the New Year.

Chameleon Cold Brew

Why we chose Chameleon Cold Brew: Real talk: we cannot start our morning without some iced cold brew, and we depend on our friends at Chameleon Cold-Brew to make sure the java is flowing through our veins. If you’re a coffee person who has never tried cold brew, specifically Chameleon, we promise there is no turning back once you make the switch. (Worth noting: it can also be enjoyed hot if you’re somewhere chilly and need to warm your insides.) The cold brew process makes their flavor a little smoother, makes the buzz lasts a little longer, and makes a less acidic coffee than your normal cup of joe so it’s much easier on the stomach. Even before the brewing process takes place, you can tell these guys take their beans seriously: their beans are all organic, non-GMO, pesticide free, sourced consciously, grown sustainably, using the best practices for water conservation and waste reduction. When it finally gets to bottling, all the packaging is recyclable. Because when you’ve done everything with such meticulous care up this point, Chameleon understands the importance of finishing strong—which is exactly how we love our coffee.


Why we chose Annie’s: Annie’s has been getting healthy and organic foods right for over 25 years, and you’d be hard pressed to walk through a Whole Foods without passing at least a dozen of their products—most of which end up in our cart. Their commitment to running a socially conscious and successful business has made them one of the most well-respected health food brands out there and as they ceaselessly introduce new, high-quality products, they continue to impress existing customers (cough-us-cough) as well as win new fans. With choices ranging from yogurts, cereal, mac and cheese, soups, frozen entrees, condiments, dressings, baked goods, and snacks, Annie’s makes sure there’s something for everyone in your family, with the promise of sustainable, non-GMO, non-toxic, pesticide free ingredients every time. We love that we can always rely on this veteran to deliver food that’s good for us and the planet.

New Barn

Why we chose New Barn: These days, transparency in the food industry is hard to come by, oftentimes because the truth about what you’re eating isn’t so pretty. Noticing this deficiency, especially in regards to a clean, organic almond milk, the folks over at New Barn decided to step up to the plate and make their own. The brand prides itself on full transparency over their product and process, because when you use simple, quality ingredients, there’s no reason to hide it. The result is a line of products that taste homemade and will truly do your body good. With 4 flavors of almond milk, and 8 flavors of almond milk ice cream, you’ll never get bored with their options (the fact that each one tastes delicious definitely helps) and we’re hardly surprised when almond milk fans tell us this is their one-stop shop for all their dairy alternative needs.

Check back tomorrow for another fresh surprise!