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Vapur Anti-Bottle

Posted by Jessica Windell on

Reusable, foldable, dishwasher safe. Vapur has revolutionized the water bottle industry, by being the exact opposite – an Anti-Water Bottle.

By now, we all know how terrible disposable plastic water bottles are for the environment. Reusable bottles are bulky, tough to clean, and annoying to carry. If you thought water pouches solved that, the problem of not standing on their own became an issue.

Vapur tackles all these issues, while still being environmentally friendly, cost-conscious and easily transported. It’s the perfect water container for any of your travels — seriously.

Element anit-bottle - BlueBased in California, Vapur Inc. started in 2009 as a “big idea” with simple solution. With unwelcome waste creeping into the socially conscious, as well as awareness on the ugly aftereffects of plastic, avid outdoorsmen David Czerwinski, Brent Reinke, and Jason Carignan set to find an answer. This team, lead by a commitment to design, innovation and eco-responsibility, was on a mission to make hydration incomparably portable and disposable bottles obsolete.

In September of its founding year, Vapur launched its game-changing product: The Vapur Anti-Bottle. What began as a passion-filled hobby of three individuals, ended up sparking a water revolution and international foldable bottle trend.

Unlike bulky, rigid bottles, the portable anti-bottle can be easily tucked away, conveniently fitting into pockets, purses and packs. About 87% lighter than typical rigid bottles, the slim, flexible anti-bottle only packs water weight. It also uses less energy to make and transport than rigid bottles, so not only is it light on your load, but its light on the road (and environment), as well.

Eclipse anit-bottle - blackVapur’s Anti-Bottles are constructed of three, ultra-durable plastic layers. The inner layer is FDA-approved polyethylene, which is then bonded to two layers of nylon for strength and durability. Designed to withstand everyday use and regular cleaning, the inner layer is also odor and taste resistant , so it can be safely used again and again. Here are a few other highlights:

  • Convenient: Stands when full or even half-full, can be rolled, folded or flattened when empty.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Can be placed upside down on the top rack, or can be hand-washed with a bottle brush.
  • Freezable: Fill halfway and freeze overnight, then fill all the way in the morning for a long-lasting icy cold beverage. It also can serve as an ice pack.
  • Travel-Ready: The Vapur Anti-Bottle comes with a carabiner, making it easy to clip to any pack or purse, or belt loop.
  • Sustainable: Since Vapur’s products are light weight and they ship flat, there are more bottles per shipment and fewer trucks on the road. The packaging has also been designed to minimize paper, glue and scrap. Packaging is also printed with soy ink on wind-powered presses. Awarded the 2010 FPA Silver Award for Sustainability & Environmental Achievement. We dig it!

Products range from the Element, specifically designed for running, climbing and the most extreme sports, which also comes in 2 sizes, to kid-friendly Quenchers with bright, colorful styles. A crowd favorite is the adult-friendly wine flasks, designed to take with you on a romantic picnic in the park. The company also has an assortment of filtration options that fit inside the Vapur Anti-Bottles, so you can fill up wherever you go (like a long, hot hike).

These Anti-Bottles really are the answer for less waste and less bulkiness. No doubt about it, this stuff we love!

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