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The 5 Must Haves For Healthy Travel This Summer

Posted by Tricia Huffman on

As someone who spent ten years living out of a suitcase supporting artists on tour, I had to make my health a priority while traveling. These days there are so many more health food stores, juice shops, and fitness spots around the world that make it easier to stay healthy while traveling, but I still really on these core tips to make sure I am set up right!

1. Lemon water

Whether this is a habit you already do every morning at home or not, it is so amazing to incorporate while traveling! Drinking fresh lemon water first thing in the morning is a natural detoxer, gives your immune system a boost, gives you a dose of vitamin C, and is a mood and energy booster!

You can either bring a few lemons with you in your luggage (those thick skins make them easy to travel with) or if you are staying at a hotel visit the coffee and tea set-up in the lobby and grab a few lemon slices! All hotels from uber fancy to budget friendly family chains will have lemons for you to grab! Squeeze half a lemon into room temperature water (you can also mix hot water with cold if you can’t find room temp!) Sip, enjoy and congratulate yourself for setting yourself up right!

2. Bring your own water bottle.

Besides the environmental benefits of not using single-use plastics, I find that traveling with my own refillable bottle makes me drink me more water and staying hydrated is key to feeling good.

You won’t have to go buy water at a store or pay a ridiculous amount for the mini bar water.

Hotel gyms ALWAYS have a water cooler and you don’t even have to work out to use it (but perhaps making trips there will inspire you to get a quick workout in). You can also fill them up at airport water fountains and can ask the coffee shop or restaurants to fill them up for you.

3. Liquid Chlorophyll

I always take a small dropper bottle of chlorophyll with me to add to my water. It naturally boosts energy and your immune system as well as calms your nerves to help with things like insomnia and body exhaustion, which are common when traveling.

My favorite is the mint flavor from ChlorOxygen. Just add a dropper full into your bottle of water once or twice a day.

4. Immersion blender

You don’t need a bullet or fancy blender. Immersion blenders are light, compact and super powerful! They come with a cup to blend inside of but I’ve often made a larger batch using a hotel ice bucket!

Pack your favorite protein powders, superfoods, and herbs or stock up when you arrive. Throw in fresh greens and a banana or avocado and you have yourself a legit smoothie without having to travel daily to the local juice bar and cough up $12. I mean you will likely want to do that at least once on your trip too, but having your own smoothie bar in your room is a life/health/money saver!

**If you are traveling to Europe for an extended time it is totally worth it to buy a European powered one. You can order online or buy one cheaper when you arrive. Click HERE for the USA and HERE for EU powered blender.

5. Digestive enzymes

Even the healthiest travelers tend to want to try new foods while traveling. This often means eating heavier, richer foods or things we avoid at home. Taking digestive enzymes with your meals will help your digestive system recover quicker and help you process it all so that you can avoid stomach aches, bloating, and the dreaded traveler’s constipation. My favorite brand is Healthforce Nutritionals.

To really be safe (especially if traveling somewhere with questionable water sources) carry some activated charcoal as well to combat food poisoning and more problematic digestive problems.