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Speaqua Barnacle

Posted by Jessica Windell on

A sunny sky, a brilliant surf, a ready board — the only thing that’s missing from this picturesque setting is some of your favorite tunes to really bring it home. Enter Speaqua, with its waterproof, sand-proof, Bluetooth little miracle: The Barnacle. Now your experience is complete.

Blue BarnacleSpeaqua was developed to fill that void, that element that makes most activities that much better: music. Music has the ability to transcend the barriers of language and culture. It promotes happiness, caring for the environment, taking pride in local communities, and making an effort to leave the earth a better place for the next generation. The team behind Speaqua believes that music simply makes ordinary things better. Whether it’s singing in the shower or getting pumped up before a good surf, music can make all the difference. That’s why Speaqua designs products to perfectly marry music and water.

Born from the deep depths of the sea, the Barnacle is a premiere, 100% waterproof Bluetooth speaker, specifically designed to withstand the elements and enhance your happiness. It’s floatable (seriously – try it!) and has a suction cup attachment that sticks to any smooth surface — from surfboards to car windows. The battery life is about 5 hours, giving you plenty of playtime, and it is also dust and sand-proof. This is the greatest little speaker (with big sound) to take with you on your travels. Dunk it under a wave, toss it in the sand, or float it down the river — the Barnacle can hang!

Black Barnacle

The Barnacle comes in a variety of fun colors, and offers an accessory mount that hooks on to bikes, strollers and GoPro poles. Grooving during a rain storm or cranking tunes on the kayak, this little creature of evolution will endure anything Mother Nature throws at you.

Bonus points for the microphone, allowing you to take hands-free calls if, that is, you find the time amidst your adventuring.

The team at Speaqua is very unique, stacked with surfers, musicians and artists. The core group is a tight knit crew of surfers from San Diego, Hawaii, New York, New Zealand and Brazil. They collect inspiration through exploration and discovery – a new surf spot, new friends or new sounds all provide inspiration for the brand and what they create.

Check out this great video that perfectly captures the vibe behind Speaqua:

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