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Six 60-Second Jump Rope Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Posted by Brooke Kather on

2015 may be a long gone, but winter is still in full swing. This month, we’re dreaming up creative ways to burn off the steam from holiday feasts and sweets, without having to muster up the courage to get outdoors. So, what is that perfect solution that involves staying warm and intensifying your workout routine?

It’s as simple as tapping into your childhood roots and grabbing a jump rope. This inexpensive, portable and low-impact workout method is proven to improve balance, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and brain activity, all while having fun! Here are six, 60-second jump rope routines that are sure to get your blood pumping during the cold(er) months.

Six 60-Second Jump Rope Workouts You Can Do Anywhere // Jumping rope by the water

Workout #1: Jump Rope Jog

The Jump Rope Jog is the perfect way to get warmed-up for your high-intensity rope workout. How to swing it:

  • With each jump, swing the rope underneath one foot, then the other, and so on, as if you are running in place
  • Be sure to keep your knees as high as possible and land softly to maximize benefits and decrease the chance of injury

Workout #2: Side-to-Side Jump

The Side-to-Side Jump actively engages your core, while also improving balance and endurance. How to swing it:

  • To begin, jump a few inches to your left as you swing the rope, then jump to your right
  • Find your rhythm, and play with the lateral distance you can achieve with each jump

Six 60-Second Jump Rope Workouts You Can Do Anywhere // Jumping rope by the water

Workout #3: Side Straddles

Looking to strengthen your outer calves? Then Side Straddles are your answer. This move can be challenging, because you must time the revolutions correctly. How to swing it:

  • Begin with your feet together. Jump and split your legs as the rope passes in front of your feet
  • As your legs touch the floor in the side straddle, jump over the next revolution, while bringing your feet together again
  • After only 20, or 30 jumps, you will begin to feel an intense burn in your calves, while seeing improvements in your focus and coordination

Workout #4: Front Straddles

In contrast to Side Straddles, Front Straddles place a greater emphasis on your quads and hamstrings, while still doing work on your calves. How to swing it:

  • This straddle requires you to alternate your legs forward and backwards with each jump
  • Be sure to stay on the balls of your feet for more isolation in your calves

Workout #5: Crossover Jump

The Crossover is a more complex rope trick that brings your shoulders, biceps, and forearms into play. This fully body move also helps to improve coordination and footwork. How to swing it:

  • After establishing a comfortable jumping rhythm, cross your arms at your elbows in front of your body on a downward swing
  • Jump to clear the rope as your arms form an “X” shape over your torso
  • Simply uncross your arms to return to the start position, and gear up for your next crossover. How many crossovers can you do in just 60-seconds?

Workout #6: Double Under

The Double Under is a more strenuous trick for the intermediate to advanced roper that dramatically increases the intensity of your workout. How to swing it:

  • This quad-screaming move requires you to jump extra high in order to spin the jump rope around twice in one jump
  • You can start out by doing a Double Under every 5 or 10 reps, or jump right into trying consecutive Double Unders every rep.

Six 60-Second Jump Rope Workouts You Can Do Anywhere // Jumping rope by the water

So go ahead, pick up a jump rope (we love the ones from RX Smart Gear) and kick off the new year with a new workout routine! After completing these six jump rope tricks, you will be more than ready to step outside for a breath of fresh winter air. We challenge you to give these moves a try and not have a blast!