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Quick Fit Tips to Take on Weekend Trips

Posted by Julianne Barbas on

Traveling has been at the forefront of my passions for as long as I can remember and fitness has also slowly earned a top spot over the past few years. Yet, it had once been a persistent struggle to combine the two in a way that felt conducive to the overall travel experience. Over the last year, I’ve managed to find a system that really works for me – in a way that doesn’t infringe on the trip.

With the endorphins you get from these workout tips, you may begin craving a downward dog on your next getaway (okay, you can still crave that wine spritzer too — #balance):

Yoga by The Beach:

I have found that the most challenging part of working out while traveling is overcoming a strong sense of FOMO – at least for myself. I feel compelled to explore every inch of a new destination and sometimes have a difficult time reconciling an intermittent fitness routine.

I have tried to combat this in a number of ways. One of my favorites being yoga with a view! My yoga practice of choice is Hatha because I think it targets and challenges my muscles in an incredibly effectual way. Holding a series of long poses can be daunting – but I find it a whole lot more manageable when I’m staring off into the distance at a beautiful landscape. Finding a location with few or no people is a huge bonus. The fewer distractions you have, the better!

Taking a Brisk Walk:

It’s so easy to underestimate the positive results that something as simple as walking can yield. The average person can burn 340 calories an hour while walking at a (3.5-4 mph pace) and can burn as much as 560 calories while power walking! Also, I find that the best way to truly discover a new place is by allowing yourself to slow down and wander by foot. Some of my favorite traveling experiences have been the ones where I’ve bypassed cars and public transportation for the bulk of the trip. Of course, it’s not feasible to walk to every location – but consciously choosing to explore by foot whenever possible will have an imminent payoff. Your mind and body will thank you!

HIIT When You’re Short on Time:

One of the leading hindrances that working out on the road often poses is the time it takes away from exploring! I’m often conflicted when it comes to choosing a local activity or breaking a sweat. It doesn’t have to be nearly as time-consuming as you anticipate it could be though! Studies have shown that as little as 15 minutes of HIIT can burn more calories than jogging on a treadmill for an hour. 30 second and 45-second intervals can boost not only your metabolism – but your overall endurance and health. You can get amazing results in less than half the time of an average workout. Some of my favorite HIIT workouts include running and walking, burpees, and sit up & jumps. Bringing a timer along or device to help prompt HIIT transitions is usually needed!

Of course, there are other activities you should explore, depending on where you’re headed: bike riding through a metropolitan city, swimming in clear blue waters or even playing a game of kickball with the family. The idea is to incorporate exercise into your vacation instead of having the two mutually exclusive. Now that is where the real fun comes in.

Have any trips coming up? Give one of Julianne’s fitness tips a try and let us know how it goes in the comments below.