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Put Down That Tie! A Unique Father's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Jessica Windell on

Father’s Day is the time to show your dad just how much you appreciate him – so step away from the tie rack and check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide with some pretty sweet gift ideas for Dad.

1. REI Double Shot Press Mug

Rei Double Shot Mug

This travel mug lets you enjoy 2 cups of terrific tasting coffee and designed with a large grip and narrow base, this will fit Dad’s on-the-go lifestyle without sacrificing quality. Buy here.

2. Meat Monogram

Meat on the grill being branded with the monogram

From Williams Sonoma, this Steak Brand is personalized, so Dad can sear his initials into his grilled steaks and chops. Manly. Buy here.

3. Eagle’s Nest Outfitter’s Hammock

ENO Hammock

Dad needs to chill out sometimes, and what better way than with a hammock from ENO. Buy here.

4. Qalo Silocone Rings

Qalo ring on a chalked hand

No more worrying about ruining that wedding band. Qalo creates durable silicone rings in a variety of colors and styles; they’re comfortable and nearly impossible to damage. Buy here.

5. Survival Kit in a Sardine Can

survival kit in a sardine can

For the dad who enjoys getting lost in the wilderness, this handy little tin comes packed with the essentials – matches, razor blade, duct tape – you know, the basics. Buy here.

6. Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream

Bottle of Shave Cream

A soothing blend of aloe, ginger, and sunflower, this non-lathering shave cream will leave Dad’s skin soft and smooth. How dapper. Buy here.

7. Homemade Gin Kit

Box with Homemade Gin Kit

For the dad who appreciates a good drink, this kit gives you all the tools and ingredients to turn an average bottle of vodka into flavorful gin. Buy here.