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Pitaya Plus

Posted by Jessica Windell on

pitaya bowl with granolaSuperfoods are seeing a shift on the color palette and magenta just may be the new green. Beneath the artistically arranged banana and crunchy organic granola, lies a bright, nutrient-dense superfruit that is taking the juice and smoothie craze to the next level. Pitaya, otherwise known as dragon fruit, comes from the cactus species and is native throughout Asia, Mexico, Central America and South America.

The pitaya sensation is giving the acclaimed acai a run for its money with its vibrant colors and unsurpassed body benefits First discovered centuries ago, this unique fruit was just permitted into the states in 2008 by the USDA, which is when Pitaya Plus, the first company to export Pitaya in the U.S., set its sights on blenders and juice shops nationwide.

Why we love it Even though making colorful concoctions with these packs is half the fun, we praise Pitaya Plus for its superfood qualities, making it a perfect fit for our healthy living routines:

It’s RAW: Without being cooked, heated or pasteurized, Pitaya Plus aids in digestion, strengthening the immune system and increasing energy.

There’s no added sugar: No added anything, actually. The natural sweetness of pitaya is what makes this superfruit super great for smoothie making.

It’s loaded with antioxidants: There are tons! Helping to neutralize the formation of free radicals, antioxidants are essential to help ward of disease and keep your immune system at its best. In just a single Pitaya Plus smoothie pack, you can get a solid portion of your recommended daily intake of antioxidants.

High-five for fiber: Low-fat diets rich in fiber give you an A+ for your health. One pack is 12% of the recommended daily intake of fiber, but following any of the Pitaya Plus recipes, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get even more.

Mucho magnesium: This critical mineral is responsible for over 300 enzymatic reactions and is a major player in keeping your body tissues healthy. Cells need magnesium to make energy for your bones, muscles and brain – cause, we kind of need those things!

Vitamin B’s please: Without Vitamin B, your body can’t convert food into fuel, which is then burned to produce energy. Loading up on pitaya gives your body a healthy dose of Vitamin B to metabolize fats and protein for healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver.

Another major plus? Pitaya Plus has a solar-powered facility in Nicaragua, where red-fleshed dragon fruit are grown and harvested by local, single mothers from poverty-stricken communities in an effort to support these families. The fruit is then directly shipped to Pitaya Plus’ Californian headquarters and made into delicious juice

Pitaya fruit and smoothie