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The Perfect Festival Essentials

Posted by MacKenzie Hartung on

We’ve officially entered festival season and with weekend two of Coachella quickly approaching, we thought we’d throw out some tips to help all you festival goers sustain the weekend. Our COO Leigh and her sister Charisse, Director of Operations, were out in the desert last weekend, so we asked them to share their must-have for three days under the desert sun.

Think you’re ready to dance through whatever festival season has in store? Just make sure you pack these 4 festival essentials:

Photo: @Chameleoncolbrew Instagram

Chameleon Cold Brew

Those long days and even longer nights spent on the festival grounds mean getting home late and waking up in need of some coffee. Leigh brought some Chameleon Cold Brew along for a refreshing dose of caffeine or an afternoon pick me up!

Brixton hat
Photo: @Brixtonwomens Instagram

Brixton Hats

Charisse says that hats are a must and didn’t leave the house without one. And when you’re dealing with that hot desert heat, a wide-brimmed hat like this one from Brixton is an absolute no-brainer.

Photo: @coola_suncare Instagram

COOLA Sunscreen

Since most people start heading into the festival around 11 or 12, some much-needed relaxation by the pool is very necessary. Leigh and Charisse made sure to apply and re-apply while laying by the pool and sneak in a little travel size for application in the festival. So, definitely pack your sunscreen, that desert heat is no joke. Getting a sunburn on day one can make for a pretty unpleasant rest of the weekend running around from concert to concert.

perfect essentials
Photo: @Perfectbar Instagram

Perfect Bar

And of course, a Perfect Bar for an on-the-go breakfast or snack. It’s so easy to forget about eating real, whole foods and getting in some protein will help fuel you through the long, jam-packed day. Especially when the lines for the festival food is thirty people deep and might make you miss your favorite band, just snack on a Perfect Bar.