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Pack Like A Pro: 10 Music Festival Must-Haves

Posted by Dustin Canada on

Packing for a weekend-long music festival is not only critical but it can make or break your experience, especially when camping is involved. There’s a fine line between an over-packing hoarder and a well-equipped festival-goer. After all, car and camping space is most never a luxury, but can also be part of the fun if executed like a pro. Balancing the absolute necessities with party-time accessories will maximize packing efficiency, minimize mishaps and further enhance your overall fun-having.

With that being said, check out Perfect Bar’s list of “10 Music Festival Must-Haves”.

Black Diamond Headlamp

1. Head Lamp
Navigating a jam-packed campsite at night is not only difficult, but can make finding your actual camp spot impossible amongst the sea of tents. Rather than using a hand-held flash light, keep your forward path well lit and hands free for high-fiving and the occasional adult beverage.

2. Bandana

Purple Bandana

Dry sweat, soak to keep cool or tie it around your face to protect from dust, dirt and the ever occurring sand storm better known as Coachella! Don’t forget it.

3. Dry Shampoo

Not Your Mother's dry shampooFor those willing and able to shower, but not get their hair wet dry shampoo is a lifesaver.

4. Hide-a-key

Hide a Key sunscreen bottle Many things get lost, don’t let it be the key to your ride home.

5. Solar Recharge Kit

BioLite NanoGrid 1-2-3 power hog! Don’t waste time waiting in line at a charging station. Plug your phone in, throw it in your bag and head over to the next stage to catch your favorite artist, band or DJ. FOMO averted.

6. Baby Wipes

Honest Co. baby wipesYou will use them for literally everything. Enough said.

7. Duct Tape

glow in the dark duct tapeIf astronauts use it to fix everything…so should you!

8. Body Paint

Flash TattoosDon’t go William Wallace from Braveheart, but have some fun with body paint. Remember, less is more. Check out these Flash Tattoos too, they’re easy to apply and pretty cool if you’re into that.

9. Gum

glee gum
Packs of it! Canteens of water won’t cut the stench of rich foods and gritty dust.

10. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Aether speakerAfter a killer headlining set is over you won’t be ready to call it a night. Having a high quality portable bluetooth speaker will make the campsite after-party cool down period much more entertaining. Plus, you’ll be able to drown out your neighbors’ not so savory taste in music.