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O-M-Ghee! Can This Butter Really Be a Superfood?

Posted by Olivia Zabrodsky on

Home of the Brave and Land of the Ghee? The Hot New Superfood That has Americans Saying, O-M-Ghee!

gheeDiscovering and then keeping up with the hottest trends is something that has been second nature to Americans for decades. Many reactionary movements resulted from the emergence of cultural influences such as The Beatles, disco, blue jeans, Star Wars, and oh yeah, what was that crazy invention called the internet? In the 21st century, we are still witness to copious trends and influences such as smart phones, yoga pants, and our personal favorite, ‘the health-food craze’ that have taken the nation by storm. But what is this new obsession that has many health conscious people saying: kale, quinoa, and O-M-Ghee?!

What exactly is Ghee and why is it such a hot new superfood trending in America?How-to-Make-Ghee-4

Ghee, surprisingly has circulated the United States for over a century, yet was not truly given a meaning behind the name by foodies until recent years. Being a “clarified butter” originally found in India, Ghee started out with a bad reputation, rumored to be great at sparking anti-health red flags such as clogging arteries or causing weight gain. It was not until the adamant progression in research on this ancient Indian fat that scientist began to reconsider its purpose and health related impact. Obviously the word “fat” in American society has become extremely taboo and consumers are always looking for products and lifestyles that can offer the least amount of it, however; there is such a thing as healthy fats and it is apparent that Ghee may fall strongly into this category! Actually, it is now being argued that ghee is the leader amongst healthy fats and can be attributed to lowering cholesterol, aiding the immune system, and decreasing inflammation within the body. Packed with Vitamin A and K2, Ghee is a natural source of critical nutrients commonly overlooked during many consumers’ daily nutrition decision process.

How could you add Ghee into your everyday nutrition routine?

According to the Int. Diary Journal, Ghee can provide a variety of food utilization options such as acting as a dressing or mixture in food, coffee, and tea. It has also been found to be a good therapy tool in order to cleanse and release negative toxins from the body and it has been credited for acting as a catalyst for the brain’s release of higher serotonin levels (the happy chemical) and also increases brain motor function. The famous Indian writer, RK Narayan, even declared, “Ghee is, no doubt, clarified butter, but it is also something more, in the same way that wine is more than the juice of a squeezed grape. The origin of ghee is, no doubt, butter, but ghee is like a genius born to a dull parent… a perfectly boiled ghee is considered fit for the gods.”

Is the Ghee trend a result of clever marketing tactics or is it truly beneficial to health? The answer is still up for debate but one thing is for certain; Ghee remains ‘all the rage’ and the health related advantages being researched after consumption are difficult to challenge. It is only a matter of time before we will see if Ghee emulates ‘disco’ and becomes an icon of the past, or if it will it act as timeless as ‘Star Wars’ and remain a clear representation of the past, present, and future.