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ˈmākər/ noun
1. a person or thing that makes or produces something
synonyms: creator, manufacturer, constructor, builder, producer, fabricator,inventor, architect, designer
By definition alone, you may agree that we’re all makers in one way or another. There are makers of art, technology, education and even the freshest nutrition bars ever created. Whether or not you’ve thought of yourself as such, this fall is your time to shine as one. Introducing MakersKit: seriously cool DIY projects for just about everyone.
MakersKit founders and friends Mike Stone and Jawn McQuade, both innately creative guys, teamed up for their first side project together, which was teaching DIY workshops in San Francisco. The side project took off and became wildly popular. In order to keep up with demand, they created DIY kits that are paired with video tutorials so that anyone, anywhere can create something amazing. Pretty darn cool, if you ask us.
With the holidays fast approaching, we couldn’t stop scrolling down all the DIY projects we wanted to get our hands on and make for our families and friends (and possibly a few to keep for ourselves). Here are a few of our favorite kits to date:
Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit + Safari Miniatures
Hanging Air Plant Kit
Raise your own Tillandsia, also known as an air plant. The Hanging Air Plant Terrarium MakersKit includes everything you need to create the perfect environment for caring for one. In the DIY video tutorial, you’ll see how to take care of the little guy the easy way, just spray with the included water atomizer once a week and place in a bright, sunny spot. The finished terrarium is small and compact, great for hanging in the kitchen, on bedside table or by your work desk.
Vial Terrarium Necklace
18k Gold-Filled Vial Terrarium Necklace Kit
Upgrade your jewelry collection with real 18k gold-filled materials included in our creative little kit. You’ll make two vial necklaces and one miniature desktop terrarium, complete with preserved reindeer moss. Personalize each one with found objects or your favorite keepsakes you’ve been storing away in your desk drawer.
Classic Cocktails Bar Set + Measuring Spoons
Classic Cocktail Kit
Relaxing with a hard-to-find craft IPA or a glass of your favorite vintage is a great way to spend an evening, but there is something truly special about mixing a fabulous cocktail you made from scratch. MakerKits cocktail bartending kit makes mixing up your own favorite libations a breeze! Also a perfect gift set, making cocktails has never been this simple or fun.
Mossy Monogram KitMossy Monogram Kit

Today’s modern interiors aren’t cold or sterile, but warm and organic. If you love the earthy yet contemporary look of the moss monogram, MakersKit has a complete project set for you! The moss monogram kit lets you celebrate the special letter in your life with all the materials you need to create a unique, preserved masterpiece. Even if you’re brand new to the maker movement you won’t believe how easy it is to create.

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