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Add More Zen to Your Life With These Simple, Yet Powerful Hacks

Posted by Team Editorial Perfect Snacks on

We’ve all got a lot going on in our lives, and sometimes it can get to be a little much. When you feel yourself nearing that breaking point, it’s time to take a few meaningful steps back, some deep breaths in and find out the source of your stress. Some things will be beyond your control, but for those things you can control, we want to empower you to take them into your own hands and regain your zen. Let’s start by tackling the three areas we spend time in the most—at work, in the car, and in the bedroom. These easy tips may seem inconsequential, but often it’s the simplest things that can make the biggest impact (like that extra espresso shot in your latte yesterday morning—so worth it). Give ‘em a try and get your zen back!

At Your Desk

Think about it–most of us spend the majority of our time throughout the week at work, so why not make it a place that you can enjoy as much as you would a room in your own home? Clear that clutter off of your desk to destress, and add a personal touch that’ll help you feel more comfortable in your cube. With just a few quick fixes and additions, your workspace can be transformed into a haven for calm, focused productivity.

Clear off all those anxiety-inducing digital files on your computer desktop. Replace the distracting icons with an inspiring quote that will motivate and empower you each day. (Download some that we created here!) Or try a scenic photo that induces a feeling of calm and happy. Maybe you’ll find inspo for your next vacay!

Toss the Styrofoam coffee cup. Replace with something a little more personal (and less damaging to the environment!) like your favorite coffee mug—there’s nothing wrong with bringing something from home to spruce up your desk space. If you don’t already have a go-to caffeine cup, look for one in calming colors like blue or green.

Put those papers in their place. Replace the clutter with minimalist, calming décor. Nobody will think you’re any less of a diligent employee if you don’t have a stack of messy papers on your desk to prove it. File those papers where they belong (in a filing cabinet), and make your desk as clutter free as possible—then, add a zen feature like an air plant or a sand garden. This minimalist décor is going to help you focus and stay calm a heck of a lot more than that stack of papers. Plus, you might get a compliment from your coworkers. Did someone say conversation piece?

On Your Daily Commute

Most of us are slaves to traffic (but hey, if you’re a bike-to-work kinda person, all the power to ya!), and it can add heaps of stress going to and from work when someone else’s flat tire is keeping you from a family dinner or your 8am meeting. This time doesn’t have to be all chaos and road rage, though. With the right accessories and mindset, you’ll be strolling into work as cool as a cucumber each morning.

Ditch the air freshener. Replace with essential oils that have calming (lavender) or stimulating (lemon) properties, depending on whether you’re gearing up or winding down your day. You can use them a few ways, all equally effective, and pretty much just based on personal preference—inhale straight from the vial, or try a diffuser that will work in your car. The power of scent is a wonderful thing, and you’ll be surprised how this much this little ritual commute will change your day.

Make the driver’s seat a relaxation space. Trade the tension our body normally experiences in traffic for an accessory that lets you decompress—like a stimulating massage seat cover. When you’ve got your own personal masseuse attached to your seat, you’ll actually look forward to getting in your car each day, and all those pressure points will feel much more relaxed when you reach your destination.

Create a visual reminder of your happy place. When we’re in our cars, we’re always in hurry to get to the next place, and anything that prevents this becomes a huge stressor. So instead of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic visualizing where you need to be or what you’re missing, find a visual reminder to keep in your car of somewhere you’ve already been (a souvenir from a trip), or a memory that’s already happened (a photo of the day you got your beloved golden retriever). The idea is to find something that will make you calm and happy, and will get you through those frustrating stop-and-go commutes.

In the Bedroom

If you’re wondering why the foam mattress topper and 1000-thread count sheets you bought aren’t doing much to help you get a good night’s sleep, it might be because the culprit is a little less obvious. It’s not so much the bed, but what’s in the bedroom that could be keeping you up. Fortunately, it’ll only take a few tweaks to create a space where you can catch some blissful, zenned-out Zzzzs.

Get a new wakeup call. We’ve all used the argument that our phones are our alarm clocks in the morning, and as functional as this may be, it’s also messing with our sleep and ability to unwind. Your phone is a distraction and a reminder of the stressors of the day at a time when you’re trying to shut off your brain. Get a good old fashioned alarm clock to place on your bedside table, and charge your phone somewhere outside your room before heading to sleep. You’ll find it’s much easier to doze off, and sleep soundly this way.

Trade in the fluorescents. Believe it or not, we don’t need every overhead light on in our room to get undressed in the evening—our eyes can adapt pretty well to darker settings. Harsh, bright lighting stimulates and oftentimes irritates the senses—even if you don’t realize it—at a time when you’re trying to do just the opposite. Instead, in the hour or two before you get ready to hit the hay, try low-light lamps or—better yet—candlelight. We love a good bedside candle for the atmosphere it creates, the calming scent it gives off, and the minimalist style it adds to our room—leaving us feeling ZZZZen as can be.

Remove the display clutter—intentional or not. Drawers are there for are a reason, guys. Your dresser and bedside table aren’t meant to be the storage areas. Inevitably, things like clothes, makeup, kitschy décor can accumulate over time, but this visual amassing of ‘things’ can contribute to stress when you’re trying to unwind. Organize your drawers and store things in their proper place (ideally, out of sight, out of mind), so you are able to clear your head of distractions when you finally close your eyes for bed.

All it takes is a few small steps to make a big difference that can have far reaching affects on some of the areas of your life that consume you the most. We can feel it already, can’t you?