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Posted by Jessica Windell on

Take everything you’ve ever thought/seen/tasted/felt about jerky and throw it out the window. We have found the holy grail of jerky and the perfect road-trip snack to bring on all our adventures.

Ladies and gentlemen: KRAVE Jerky. This high-protein, low-calorie snack, devoid of any nitrates and artificial flavors, has an elevated conscious, uses lean cuts of domestic meat and all-natural, gourmet ingredients, which it bakes to to a tried-and-tested, prime tenderness.

KRAVE nutrition infoUnder 90 calories per serving, with 8 – 12 grams of protein per oz, KRAVE Jerky minimizes empty calories while being seriously satisfying. It’s complete line of products are lower in salt, cholesterol and calories than its competitors. A bag of KRAVE Jerky is even considered a meal replacement.

Founder Jon Sebastiani came up with the idea while training for the NYC Marathon. He was looking for a snack that would meet his nutritional needs without giving up anything on flavor. As a project for his MBA program, he developed KRAVE Jerky, a gourmet jerky, using only the top cuts of domestic meats and wild flavors like Chili Lime and Sweet Chipotle. He spent 18 months convincing Whole Foods to carry this new line of jerky. And it all paid off. We know that story all too well!

A cut above the usual leathery, chemically processed products, KRAVE represents a jerky renaissance, providing an artisanal snack that’s healthy and flavorful.

A guilt-free way to feed your need for meat all while snacking on the go, KRAVE is made with lean cuts of tender top round sirloin beef, center cut pork leg, and turkey breast, specially seasoned with all natural ingredients.

The people behind KRAVE believe (like us!) that snack food doesn’t have to mean junk food. And, if something is meant to be good for you, it ought to taste that way! The team prides itself in being comprised of athletes who rely on healthy snacks to improve endurance, performance and recovery. And while working, they reach for KRAVE to boost energy and concentration.

Jerky with ingredients

Their other flavors are what make us swoon, even more: Black Cherry BBQ Pork, Basil Citrus Turkey and Pineapple Orange Beef are truly devine for the jerky category. Their specialty artisanal flavors are even richer, with a Cabernet Rosemary Beef and a Chardonnay Thyme Turkey. These flavors go hand-in-hand with the drink-pairing guide on their website, so you know exactly what beer, wine or spirit to enjoy with each flavor. Of course, that’s not much of a surprise, given KRAVE’s beginnings in the heart of wine country, Sonoma, CA.

We love KRAVE’s bold flavor choices and their commitment to quality ingredients. We’ll never look at that gas station jerky the same way again.

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