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Infographic: Sugar Doesn't Have to Be Scary

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Is sugar bad for you, or does sugar just get a bad rap?

With Halloween on the horizon, sugar is in the hot seat. Candy temptations fill jack ‘o’ lanterns everywhere you look – from office desks to social gatherings and neighborhood door steps. In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, should you hide from Halloween and swear off all sweets? (The horror! You are human, after all.) Or, can sugar and good health actually coexist?

Learn why sugar doesn’t have to be scary in our sugar infographic. When you choose clean, whole food ingredients – like honey and fruit – there’s nothing to fear.

Sugar Doesn't Have to Be Scary | Sugar Infographic Halloween

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What is Sugar?

Let’s flash back to science class. All forms of sugar are simple carbohydrates. When ingested, they are broken down into the basic molecules: glucose and fructose. Glucose is our body’s go-to energy source, and it fuels our cells, muscles and major organs. Our brain alone requires around 130g of glucose each day for basic energy function.

So, all sugars are basically brain medicine? Not exactly.

Is Sugar Scary?

Let’s get granular. Sugars from whole foods and sugars from candy bars are broken down the same way. Our body doesn’t know where the sugar is coming from, but it does know what’s coming with it and the resulting impact. You always know how food makes you feel.

The big difference is, whole food sugar sources – like fruit and honey – bring glucose to the party, along with water, fiber, antioxidants and positive nutrients. Whereas refined sugar sources – like candy – have been stripped of all nutritional value during the refining process.

Whole food sugars balance energy with nutrition. And there’s nothing scary about that.

The Perfect Balance

We are programmed to check the sugar content on nutrition labels. But, what about the ingredient list? The full story unfolds as you read where the sugar comes from.

Don’t let the sugar scare you.

At Perfect Bar, we stand behind our clean, whole food ingredients in support of a balanced lifestyle. In our featured Halloween flavor – Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter with Sea Salt – the primary source of sugar is organic honey, along with Fair Trade Certified dark chocolate chips and the inherent sugars in our organic peanut butter. With 15g of protein, complex carbohydrates and a superfood blend, this smart candy swap will keep you satisfied all season.