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How to #goforperfect: Video Tips for Pre-and-Post Workout Stretches

Posted by Jessica Windell on

Admit it – you don’t stretch as much as you’re supposed to. Pre-and-post workout stretching is way too easy to skip when you’re crunched for time or the results are not as visible as the main event — e.g. weight training or running – or so you think. While it’s true that stretching your body won’t get your heart racing or flatten your stomach, it will go a long way toward preventing workout-related injuries and hitting those fitness goals with real efficiency.

In short, stretching realigns muscle fibers and speeds up the recovery process after a hard workout. It also reduces next-day soreness, which can hinder the subsequent workout, and prevents muscle cramps during exercise.

Fitting in a quick stretch before and after your workout routine doesn’t have to be time consuming, and the benefits are well worth it. As part of our #goforperfect video series, we had our in-house fitness guru Brad Wark give a rundown of his top five tips for quick-&-easy pre-workout and post-workout stretches.

Five Dynamic Stretches For Your Pre-Workout Routine from Perfect Bar on Vimeo.

Five Static Stretches For Your Post-Workout Routine from Perfect Bar on Vimeo.