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What the Gut? Getting Your Gut Health Back on Track

Posted by Rebecca Galavan on

The gut takes on a lot of heavy lifting. At the most basic level, it takes on the internal breakdown of everything we ingest, as it makes its way from our mouth, down the esophagus, into the stomach, past the small intestine, through the colon, over to the pancreas, filters through the liver and finally makes its way to the gall bladder. Almost sounds like an amusement park ride, right? And just like you want to make sure that roller coaster is in working order before you strap yourself in, the gut needs to be in tip top shape to make sure everything down there runs smoothly. If not, your body is going to run into some serious issues.

How Did My Gut Get Off Track?

Like we mentioned, the last thing we want is a gut that isn’t working at 100%, and if its not, the smartest thing you can do is to take actionable steps to fix it. But as you’re doing that, you probably want to know how it got that way in the first place—the old ‘let’s learn from our mistakes thing’, right? Well, without even realizing it there are things in your daily habits and routines that might have triggered your gut issues. That can include a few things.

Maybe it’s one of these, maybe a few, maybe all of them. Bottom line is that any of these can do a lot of internal harm, ultimately leading to a little thing called ‘Leaky Gut.’ And trust us, it’s about as unappealing as it sounds.

What the Heck is Leaky Gut?

Let’s first understand what Leaky Gut is and why it’s so important to prevent it from happening. This is where large holes have formed in your digestive tract, allowing larger substances to pass through it—things like gluten, undigested foods, bad bacteria and toxic waste. A healthy digestive track typically has small holes in it, but when it leaks they get larger and let in bad junk that shouldn’t be there. The result is a myriad of symptoms.

Millions of people struggle with Leaky Gut, but because there are so many wide-ranging symptoms, it often goes un- or misdiagnosed. If you’re experiencing any of the above, it’s a smart idea to consult a doctor as well as do some research of your own.

How Am I Going to Heal My Gut?

Preventing Leaky Gut is actually quite simple, but most people aren’t even aware of the condition to begin with, and at the point that they are aware, they may be experiencing symptoms already. To fix and prevent, there are a few steps you can take.

Now What?

We know that we just dropped a ton of gut knowledge on you and it might be a little overwhelming at first, but once you take the time to understand it all it will be well worth it in the end. We want to help you prevent problems before they even become a problem, so there are a few things to remember and keep on top of. First, find out what foods you are sensitive to by taking a simple blood test with a Naturopathic Doctor. Second, run some tests to find out if you have bacteria infections, parasites or heavy metals. Next, start healing the gut and increasing beneficial bacteria with the steps listed above.

Always remember that your gut is the center of your universe! It literally controls your entire immune system, so a healthy gut translates to a much healthier life.

Note: We are not doctors, just an informed group of healthy, like-minded individuals working on one mission… to spread awareness about food and healthy decisions.