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Genius Juice

Posted by Jessica Windell on

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty big coconut fans here at Perfect Bar. So, imagine our delight when we came across Genius Juice: an amazing little beverage with just two ingredients: coconut water and coconut meat.

Genius Juice flavorsCoconut meat is the rich white lining within the shell of a coconut. It can be juicy and tender, and its benefits range from healthy fats to vitamins, minerals and fiber – not to mention, coconut water is full of natural electrolytes. When these are combined, the result is nothing short of, well… genius.

The Genius Juice approach is simple: blend organic coconut meat and coconut water to make a creamy smoothie without the use of concentrates or preservatives. In order to keep authentic taste and maximize nutrition, they use high pressure – instead of heat – to kill harmful bacteria. They say it’s “pure genius.” We agree.

Their products are all USDA organic certified and non-GMO project verified, as well. Genius Juice starts with a young thai coconut, sourced from an organic farm in Thailand. The good fats in coconut meat statistically boost brain function and the potassium in coconut water energizes the body, hence the “genius” attributes.Genius Juice and a Coconut on the beach

Genius Juice recently announced a partnership with Common Threads, an organization whose mission is to educate children on the importance of nutrition and physical well-being, as well as fostering an appreciation of cultural diversity through cooking. Genius Juice donates their smoothies to Common Threads after-school nutritional programs throughout the LA area.

Genius Juice has two killer flavors that represent exactly what they stand for: Young Thai Coconut Water, which is packed with potassium, and the Original Coconut Smoothie, made with coconut water and coconut meat. That’s it.

Right now, Genius Juice can be found in the Southwest, including Whole Foods. And after a recently successful Kickstarter campaign, their online store will be up and running soon, so can get your Genius on wherever you are.

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