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Four Ways to Ditch the “Too Busy” Mindset and Stay on Track With Your Workouts

Posted by Kristine Ciardello on

You know when you’ve gotten yourself into a routine, any routine really, and you’re just, on it?

Like, after months of trying to become a “morning person” (they do exist), you’ve successfully managed to not hit snooze and make it out of bed, out the door, workout complete and healthy protein smoothie made all before you’ve got to be at work. And you’ve done this for… 10+ days in a row.

You feel like you’re settled into it. You have a routine. It works for you. But then one morning you hit snooze. You miss your workout. Or maybe you’re an evening exerciser and after work you’re tired and you just… can’t do it.

One day, no big deal.

Then one day turns into two skipped workouts. Two days turns into an, “I’ll just restart next week.”Before you know it, it’s been a month since you’ve been in your fitness routine, and you just feel… off.

I get it.

It’s really, really easy to let life, work, and other responsibilities get in the way of workouts, which can sometimes feel like a luxury, and sometimes feel like a chore.

I recently started commuting for work (about an hour each way) and it threw my entire routine off track. Entirely. (Granted I won’t sugarcoat and act like things are tough – my company sponsors private shuttles and feeds me once I’m there.)

But I was always a morning exerciser. The 7am class? That was my thing. Then I’d shower, get ready, down breakfast and get to work in downtown San Francisco.

But now, that timing doesn’t work for me. And quite honestly, I don’t perform well in morning workouts at 6am. My body isn’t awake, my brain isn’t present and I don’t feel like I get the most out of it honestly. I’ve never been one to exercise in the evenings, but I’ve learned that rather than try to work my previous routine around my new life, I need to create a routine that works with it.

So I’ve had to really, really work at keeping myself accountable at my workouts. It’s been about a month and I finally feel settled into the point that it feels weird if I don’t workout after work.

I look forward to my evening yoga classes. I’ve adjusted to eating dinner at 8pm or later.

Honestly, it was really difficult at first. I felt all out of sorts. I didn’t like it. But I committed. I stuck to it.

Slowly, it’s become the new normal.


So how do you even start?

  • Trial and error: I did a couple days of 6am workouts and I realized they weren’t for me. I was starving all day long, I didn’t perform my best in the class or workout, and I was exhausted, constantly. I also realized that evenings are the only time I have to spend with my boyfriend so by forcing myself to go to sleep at 9pm, I was missing out on time with him.
  • Find what keeps you motivated: I’ve never been a yogi and suddenly, it’s all I want to do. I crave it. I find that after a long day at work, I’m not motivated to get myself to a high-intensity spin or bootcamp class. Rather I want to flow my day away and lengthen, stretch and tone my muscles.
  • Rationalize: I created a new routine for myself that holds me accountable to evening workouts. But on the weekends? I look forward to my mid-morning classes where I can wake up, leisurely sip (pound) my coffee, and hit a class before having a big breakfast.
  • Commit: Like anything, you’ve got to be prepared. I pack my gym clothes in my bag the night before, bring a snack and make sure I’ve got plenty of water. When I get on the bus home from work I’m already mentally there. Bus, gym, workout, home. There’s no deviating to the plan because I’ve already committed.

So, really – the trick isn’t a one-size fits all solution for everyone. It’s a customized solution for you that may take time to find, but one that makes sense with the other priorities in your life. I promise you, once your newfound regimen is in place, your snooze-button desires will take a much-needed hiatus.