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Five Moves to Bring Along on Your Spring Vacay

Posted by Caitlin Higgins on

Traveling can be rough on our bodies. We’re eating out a few times per day, our sleep schedule is off, and fitting in exercise can be difficult. I don’t know about you, but when I think about exercise and traveling I think small hotel gym or no gym access at all.

Luckily, traveling with resistance bands can be a lifesaver! They are easy to pack and can provide quite the workout if done correctly. In fact, resistance bands maintain resistance throughout the entire exercise, and utilize the concentric and eccentric part of the exercise. This allows you to perform any exercise you would normally do with dumbbells or a machine with a resistance band. Resistance bands also allow you to move more freely than you would be able to with dumbbells, which makes for a great fitness tool for working out on the go.

So how do we put together a resistance band workout that will provide an intense workout as well as a great calorie burn?

It’s pretty simple actually. All we need is 4-5 resistance band exercises that we can rotate through to make a calorie busting circuit.

The below workout is great for targeting the lower body and can be done anywhere! Simply set your timer for between 10-30 minutes (because who has tons of time to workout while traveling?) and rotate through each exercise, completing 10 reps each, until your timer goes off. I promise you’ll feel the burn!

Note: The exercises are demonstrated using a 41” loop band, but you can also use a loop band to achieve the same results.

Donkey Kicks

  1. start in a tabletop position
  2. anchor your resistance band with your hands and place the band around your right foot
  3. tuck under slightly by decreasing the space between your hips and ribcage, and pull your belly button towards your spine (this will intensify the exercise)
  4. straighten your leg behind you – try to keep your tuck and square your hips towards the ground
  5. engage your hamstrings as you raise your right leg up a few inches, then lower a few inches
  6. repeat
  7. switch legs

workout 1

Step Ups with Bicep Curl

  1. start by standing with your right foot on a bench and your left foot on the ground
  2. place the resistance band under your right foot and hold onto each side of the band; let your arms dangle at your sides
  3. stand tall and engage your core
  4. push into your right foot like you’re pushing away the bench until your right leg is straight
  5. squeeze your glutes and raise your left leg slightly
  6. once standing bring your hands closer to your shoulders for a bicep curl
  7. hold for a moment and lower your hands back down towards your sides
  8. lower your left foot back towards the ground
  9. repeat
  10. switch sides

workout 2


  1. start by standing with your feet hip width distance apart
  2. wrap the resistance band around your feet twice so that you have a loop to hold on to
  3. grab the loop with both hands
  4. keep a slight bend in your knees, flat back, and core tight
  5. slowly raise to a standing position
  6. squeeze your glutes at the top of the motion
  7. lower back to the starting position
  8. repeat

workout 3

Switch Jumps

  1. start with your right leg forward in a lunge position
  2. make sure your right knee doesn’t extend over your toes
  3. keep a tall posture and engage your core
  4. push off the ground as you jump straight into the air
  5. switch legs mid jump
  6. land in a lunge position with your left leg forward
  7. repeat

workout 4

X Band Walks

  1. start by standing with your feet hip width distance apart
  2. place the resistance band under your feet
  3. cross the band in front of you to make an X
  4. stand tall while keeping a slight bend in your knees and core tight
  5. step out towards the right with your right foot until you feel the resistance band tighten
  6. step your left foot in towards your right foot
  7. this counts as one rep
  8. repeat
  9. switch sides

workout 5