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Five Adventure-Packed Trips to Take this Season

Posted by Katie Orphey on

Rafting through the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Few adventures earn the moniker “Trip of a lifetime” as regularly as a whitewater descent of the Grand Canyon, America’s most famous natural landmark. Escape from civilization for this epic Western adventure on the Colorado River. Enjoying views of soaring canyon walls, historic Indian ruins, wildlife, and astonishing side canyon hikes — all while you raft down the world’s most famous white water rapids. Spend your adrenaline-filled days enjoying the exhilaration of the rapids, while nights mean camping under the ultra-clear skies and swapping stories around the campfire. Regardless of the size of your wallet, Park Service regulations prohibit anyone from taking two Grand Canyon river trips in one year—because after you’ve been down there once, you’ll want to go back. Make this one count and book your Grand Canyon spring adventure now!

Rafting through the Grand Canyon
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Kayaking the Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

What’s the best way to experience the famed Na Pali coast — one of Hawaii’s most pristine, remote and rugged attractions — without struggling through a strenuous days-long hike? Rent a kayak, get in the ocean and paddle a 17-mile stretch of pure scenic bliss: marveling at sea caves, plunging waterfalls, hanging valleys and secluded beaches. Not only does kayaking provide a dramatic vantage point to view the coast’s 3,000-foot cliffs, it also puts you in the middle of the lively ocean ecosystem for which Hawaii is so famous. Encountering dolphins, tropic birds and the elusive Monk Seal is entirely possible during this excursion. While the six-hour trip calls for upper body strength, it has also been called the roughest and longest sea kayak trip offered on the planet. Are you up for the challenge? If so, get in the Aloha State of mind and book this trip before the summertime heat hits the island.

Kayaking the Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii
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Bicycling Glacier National Park, Montana

One of the best kept secrets of Glacier National Park is the spring season. During this time Going-to-the-Sun Road is closed to cars, but open to bikers and walkers, providing a quieter glimpse into the heart of the Park. No camera can capture the magnificence of this landscape, replete with sparkling waterfalls, expansive virgin forests, sculpted valleys and towering peaks glazed with ice—but it’s worth a try! Gravity is on your side when you bicycle down the park’s famous road, which makes this adventure fun for the entire family. Gear up to ride as far as the plows allow, and enjoy the beauty this springtime adventure is sure to bring.

Montana Glacier Loop Cycling Tour
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Hiking Zion National Park, Utah

Explorers can find a full range of adventure in this park, from nature trails to multi-day expeditions. The Narrows, or more formally, the narrows of the North Fork of the Virgin River, has become one of the most famous hikes in the world, and for good reason! This classic hike descends into the 16-mile Virgin River canyon, where the rock walls climb as high as 2,000 feet and narrow to slot canyons as little as 20 feet wide. Whether done as an overnight through-hike, from the top down as a day-hike, or from the bottom up, the Zion Narrows hike is a classic not to be missed. Just make sure that if you’re bringing a camera or cell phone, remember to stash them in a dry bag or a zip lock. This adventure will take you directly into the splash zone.

The Narrows Zion National Park
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Camping in Big Sur, California

Big Sur has been called the most beautiful stretch of coastline in America. And for good reason! This part of the Central Coast of California is home to majestic redwood groves, jagged cliffs and dizzying highway vistas. There are three amazing state parks are all within a short drive along Highway One, and together boast miles of hiking trails with gorgeous views of the coast, the mountains and the valley. Becoming one with nature is a breeze here — that’s why camping is surely the best way to experience this seaside paradise. You’ll either be surrounded by Redwoods at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, watching the sunset over the ocean from your tent at Kirk Creek, or mingling with the local wildlife at Andrew Molera State Park. Feeling the wanderlust? Get your #adventuremobile ready and hit the open road, Big Sur is calling!

Big Sur
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