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Five Adventure Reads to Get You Outdoors this Spring

Posted by Nicole Pyles on

Fiction has a way of transporting you into a different world, no doubt. So, there’s no better time than the present to compile your spring and summer book lists (with our help, of course). These fab books finds are a fantastic reminder that you don’t need to buy a plane ticket to escape your every day, just a few page turners that will make you feel like you already have:

The Passenger by Lisa Lutz

Now, depending on how you like to get outdoors if you are the ultimate roadtripper, you may be inspired by the lead character in the book, “The Passenger” by Lisa Lutz. Following the sudden death of her husband, Tanya Dubois hits the road, trying to escape the past life she thought she left behind. Passing through town to town, she takes on a new identity and a new life, but things only get worse for her. Soon she realizes the further she runs, the closer she gets to who she used to be and the past she’s trying to forget.

If you love a good road trip, run away with Tanya. She’ll inspire you to learn to read maps the old fashioned way (without GPS) and talk to people you may never have spoken to before.

Cooking for Picasso by Camille Aubray

Are you dreaming about your next trip to France? Well, let the book Cooking for Picasso by Camille Aubray take you away as you embrace that wanderlust. Mixing together a bit of fiction with real life, the author invites the reader on a journey of food, art and self-discovery. Starting out in 1930s France, Ondine cooks with her mother in her family’s cafe until she gets the opportunity of a lifetime – serving lunch to the famous artist Picasso. Parallel narratives merge the past with the present as Celine, the granddaughter of Ondine, searches for the portrait made of her grandmother by the famous artist. Using a cookbook and journal to guide her, Celine rediscovers her family’s unique history and finds herself – and love – along the way.

You are certain to plan your next trip to Europe and finally sign up for that french cooking class you’ve been considering after reading this book.

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva

If you happen to love the outdoors and enjoy camping (or glamping for that matter) or maybe you are just a fan of the show Survivor, you must read the book “The Last One” by Alexandra Oliva. The author dares to challenges what is reality show reality or plain and starkly vivid real life reality. It’s a fantastic blend of the two as you follow along a series of characters involved in an outdoor survival show. Few are experts and most are inexperienced, but all are determined to win. When think you are piecing together what is going on, you will be cheering on the one remaining, except nothing is what it seems though.

This book will stay with you long after it’s over and will leave you with a strong desire to brush up on your outdoor survival skills.

The Marauders by Tom Cooper

Still cleaning up from the mess made by the BP Oil Spill, the characters in “The Marauders” by Tom Cooper, introduce you to their unique lifestyle on the bayou. First, you meet Wes who desires to get out from the clutches of his father who wants him to follow in his footsteps. Then, Gus Lindquist, a one-armed treasure hunter who can’t let go of the gold he just knows is out there in the swamp. And you also meet Cosgrove, who is just released from prison and partners up with fellow parolee Hanson in search of that one good score that will set them up for life. Troubled but endearing, each character takes you through the Louisiana swamp as they try to make the best of things and avoid the troubles of their small bayou town.

This book will leave you desiring to go boating and visit the bayou this summer.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Nothing like an apocalyptic themed book to inspire you to enjoy the outdoors. The Maze Runner by James Dashner is a young adult apocalyptic thriller most anyone could enjoy. Thomas wakes up to a community of boys uncertain of where he came from and who he really is – and no one else knows either. Each boy gets involved in the community in some way – some farm, some garden, some take care of the animals, but Thomas wants something else. He wants to be a maze runner. The maze runners are the key to finding their way out. Thomas knows he is destined to save those around him and figure out what’s going on. Yet, the battle to be free is sharply contrasted by the fear of what is on the other side of this world.

If you haven’t picked up running before, you’ll probably want to go out for a jog once you finish reading this book.

With these five reads, we give you permission to put your social plans on hold and cuddle up with a booch, Perfect Bar and your imagination, for a little while.