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Fitmark Bags

Posted by Jessica Windell on

It’s really no wonder we love Fitmark. The brand is an instant expression of who we are and what we believe: the mark of a fitness enthusiast.

Fitmark creates high-quality, functional bags for fitness fanatics. That’s the passion and sole purpose behind its remarkable line of sturdy, functional bags. You won’t find shoes or shirts, hats or supplements in their line-up; it’s just the bag. Exclusive bags, to be exact, that harmoniously integrate form and function to reflect lifestyle and passion. Count. Us. In.

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, CEO Mark A. Samuel had seen one too many of his gym mates walking around with shapeless, simple and uninspired bags. He knew these same intense, stylish, and successful people wouldn’t settle for a cheap pair of shoes, ill-fitting attire or a flabby body. So, why not set the same, high standards for a gym bag? In 2011, he put his extensive entrepreneurial experience to work and created Fitmark.

While Fitmark crafts a vast collection of bag types, including backpacks, tote bags, messenger bags and duffel bags, it’s the meal management bags that we really love.

shield bag

These bags feature fully adjustable, dual-custom-padded shoulder straps for a comfortable, relaxed fit. The custom-shield, embossed metal zipper pulls seamlessly for opening and closing, and they’re made with the highest grade politer and nylon. The meal management bags come with seal-tight containers, a custom vitamin and protein mix dispenser and ice packs, all designed to fit perfectly inside the bag. Honestly, what else do you need?

Fitmark is also a proud community supporter, which we love. Initially, the goal was to donate bags to a few local non-profits, including the Boys and Girls Club. The team wanted to provide bags to kids who not only worked hard in school and participated in after school sports programs, but particularly those kids who were less fortunate than others. The program was incredibly successful, and now the company donates one bag for ever $100 it nets through Fitmark website sales.

Fitmark’s products reflect high and exacting standards. The company believes that you can have it all: a sophisticated bag that also incorporates the highest-grade materials, innovative design and superior quality. Whether you’re a yogi or a bodybuilder, an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, rockclimber or runner, you deserve function and quality to support your highest fitness goals.

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