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Feelgoodz is a sustainable, lifestyle footwear company committed to premium quality and exceptional comfort.

Kyle Berner came up with the idea for Feelgoodz while backpacking through Thailand, after his flip-flops had worn down and broke after a casual walk the a marketplace. Needing to find another pair, he walked up to a vendor’s display — shaped like a tree — with flops hanging from the branches.

Relieved to no longer be barefoot, he was curious as to why the flip-flops were so comfortable. He was fascinated to discover that his new shoe purchase was made from 100% natural rubber, tapped from Thai rubber trees, and that the local farmers have honed their techniques for extracting the sustainable resource. The idea of comfortable, sustainable flip-flops was so captivating to him, he had to share the new find with the world.

He founded Feelgoodz in 2008, and the travel didn’t stop there. Feelgoodz is dedicated to using all-natural materials, crafted by artisans and cooperatives all around the world. With a focus on quality and comfort, its products embody an inspired mission. For its rubber flip-flops, Feelgoodz partners with natural rubber farmers in the Chonburi province of Thailand.

These craftsmen helped create the Feelgoodz original product ‘Classicz’ by using exclusive techniques to produce the highest quality rubber flip-flops on the market. The company has built a strong partnership with the communities in Thailand and is dedicated to empowering those communities through fair-trade and consistent work opportunities.

These specific designs, crafted from Thai rubber trees, are made of all natural 5L rubber, the highest quality available. It has incredible memory and molds to your foot, creating the fit-to-perfection flip flop.

Feelgoodz sandals

Feelgoodz sandals

Today, Feelgoodz is headquartered in Raleigh, NC and the footwear collection extends beyond flip flops and remains dedicated to using all-natural materials crafted by farmers, artisans, and cooperatives from all around the world.