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February Stuff We Love

Posted by Jessica Windell on

Love is in the air and we’re spreading it far and wide with our February round-up of Stuff We Love. Check out why these three brands are setting the bar high with their heart-healthy products for your body and mind and stay tuned into our Instagram on February 14th for a heart-healthy giveaway:

CORE Hydration

CORE water bottlesCORE introduces the best way to stay hydrated and in harmony with your natural self. The perfectly balanced water has a pH of 7.4, with added electrolytes and minerals to correspond with levels that naturally occur in the human body. CORE uses a seven-stage purification process including U.V., carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and ozonation, removing impurities and contaminants for a clean and crisp taste.

CORE Water bottles on the beachThe water we drink greatly influences the chemistry in our bodies. After all, our bodies are 75% water! As harmful effects of acidic diets become well known, it is imperative to stay hydrated and balanced. When our pH level is within optimal range (7.35 – 7.45), our bodies are able to effectively utilize vitamins, minerals, and food supplements obtained from our daily diet. The southern California-based company promotes health and wellness not only through its ultra-purified water, but also through innovative design and packaging. The 100% recyclable, BPA free bottle is available in 30 ounce and 20 ounce wide mouth closures PET and a 24 ounce sports-cap PET.

Amazing Grass

Amazing GrassWe love Amazing Grass for their effort in helping people lead healthier, more active lives through high-quality, plant-based nutrition. green smoothieTheir whole greens SuperFoods are truly amazing – being USDA organic, non-GMO, kosher pareve, vegan and gluten-free. Available to drink, bake, or snack on-the-go, you can obtain all of the necessary vitamins and minerals in just one serving whichever way you please. Amazing Grass offers products for you and your entire family including their classic Green SuperFood, Wheat Grass, Green SuperFood Energy Bars, Raw Reserve, and even Kidz SuperFood for the youngins.

For more than 50 years, its family farm in Kansas has perfected the growing, harvesting and dehydration of organic greens to ensure optimal nutrition. Today, they thoughtfully combine their alkalizing greens with the highest quality plant-based ingredients and superfoods sustainably sourced from around the world to assist in optimal health, detoxification, and immunity.

Love Beets

Love BeetsBeginning in England, the Shropshire family experimented with unique marinated beet recipes in hope of attracting young people to beets and defying preconceived notions of the plant root. Once people got the chance to taste some product, they positively responded saying they “love beets!” – hence the company name. The fun, modern, and “upbeat” brand highlights the many benefits of beet consumption including improved liver and heart function, blood pressure and cholesterol regulation, and relieving feelings of depression and fatigue.

Love BeetsLove Beets products come in the form of baby beets, cooked beets, juices, bars, and snacks. They reinvent the classic beet by adding unique flavors to their products including spicy chili, BBQ, honey & ginger, vinegar, and white wine & balsamic. Whether you’re a beet lover or beet newbie, Love Beets will revolutionize the way you think of beets!