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Enjoy Handplanes

Posted by Jessica Windell on

People surfing with handplanes

Surfing is familiar to most people even if they have never surfed themselves. However, there is a simpler, purer form of catching waves that is much older and more widespread: bodysurfing. Some describe it as a natural “wave” of motion, while others compare it to an unforgiving tumble in a washing machine.

In the Hawaiian language it’s called he’e umauma, “sliding with the chest.” Brazilians have named it jacare, translation: “alligator.” The Australians, known for their way with words, affectionately refer to it as “body-bashing.”

If you’re looking for a way to up your bodysurfing game, catching better waves than your bare hands can bear alone, and help the environment, Enjoy Handplanes has you covered. These sleekly-crafted mini boards are custom made from upcycled surf boards and wet suits, which means new designs come in all the time.

Enjoy Handplane

Enjoy Handplanes were created by Ed Lewis and Kipp Denslow as a way to save broken surfboards and old wet suits. Their mission is to keep broken boards and manufacturing waste from landfills while creating products that are fun and environmentally responsible. Based in Leucadia, a city in San Diego, they partner with non-profits and organizations to encourage recycling and giving back. It’s a win-win, so count us in!

Take a peek at Enjoy Handplanes’ handmade process and see for yourself why this socially-responsible company is catching waves with us!

Enjoy* “The Beginning of Something Big” from Doug Walker on Vimeo.